Hotels Are Falling Asleep

13 April 2023
Hotels Are Falling Asleep

Hotel technologies that put sleep health first, the new wellness trend in tourism…

When we first encountered pillow menus in hotels, we were quite surprised. These menus, where you can choose a pillow with a quality and qualities suitable for your habits before or after you arrive at the hotel, were accepted in a short time and became a sign of the luxury service level offered by the establishment you are staying at. Well, they were helping you achieve the same comfort environment at the hotel, without the need to carry your pillows, which protect you from stress, neck and headaches, and allow you to sleep peacefully. Conrad Hotels, one of the first to start this practice, became one of the leaders of the subject by offering 75 different pillow options in its menu. In this process, such technologies have developed that countless pillow types, from pillows that prevent snoring to pillows that heal flu, from those that offer relief against allergies to those that contribute to your romantic hours, have taken their place in these extraordinary menus.

Luxury hotels are now taking this one step further. While it has been determined that the sleep economy is growing rapidly in the world, the hotel industry, which is one of the sectors serving in this field, also comes up with creative ideas to increase its market share. For example, Park Hyatt New York Hotel, located in one of the biggest skyscrapers of the city, made a big innovation after the pandemic and designed 6 rooms as sleeping suites. The state-of-the-art mattresses in Park Hyatt New York Sleep Suites, which contain all the innovations that support sleep health, detect pain and stress points in your body and can be adjusted to prepare the sleep experience you desire by being controlled from the phone application. In these specially designed suites, everything from sleep masks to comforting room scents, a mini-library filled with a selection of books on sleep, menus offering 90 different types of pillows, and the lighting systems necessary for a healthy sleep have been thought through to ensure you sleep soundly.

Hotels Are Falling Asleep
The Cadogan

The Cadogan, which was put into service in London a few years ago, is another hotel that shows the importance it attaches to this issue by launching the Sleep Concierge service. Working with the city’s most famous sleep therapist, The Cadogan organizes special therapy sessions for its guests who have trouble sleeping during their travels. Hästens, the famous bedding brand of Sweden, became one of the pioneering companies in this field by putting the world’s first sleeping hotel into service in Portugal. While Six Senses Ibiza, which opened its doors in Ibiza last year, offers special seven-night sleep treatment programs to its guests, Lanserhof Lans, one of the distinguished spa hotels in Austria, develops special treatment programs especially for those who have insomnia problems by evaluating the data collected by sleep experts from hotel guests in the sleep laboratory it has established.