Gucci & The North Face Collaboration is Back

20 September 2022
Gucci & The North Face Collaboration is Back

If you’ve already experienced the pleasure of wearing a luxury piece on trekking or outdoor explorations by Gucci & The North Face’s pervious collaborations, nowadays a new one comes, which is even more luxury than the precedent.

Although the collection, which is focusing on goose Sierra parkas, Windjammer windbreakers and Rough Rider trousers, consists of fewer pieces this time, it features pieces like shoes, bags and hats that can meet your all kinds of needs.

Gucci &Amp; The North Face Collaboration Is Back

The campaign is photographed by French explorer twins Jalan and Jibril Durimel in the İcelandic landscape, and it aims the indicates the remnants of exploration in our memory and the creative source of inspiration from those remnants.

The collection is available on Gucci’s website.