From Banksy to Monet With Love

19 March 2021
From Banksy to Monet With Love

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Banksy’s work called Show Me Your Monet will be up for sale at an auction. After what happened, it is not easy to have no doubts. The Banksy side has been quite active recently.

Banksy’s work Show Me Your Monet will be on sale very soon. According to The Guardian’s report, the work on one of Monet’s Impressionist masterpieces is estimated to be sold for around £ 3 to £ 5 million

New Trend

Thanks to his activist stance, unique sense of humor and technique, Banksy who is a legendary with his anonymity and gives strong messages with each of his works became one of the artists whose works have been followed step by step since the 90’s. The famous artist, announcing the independent voice of the street in the fields of “high art”, signed a symbolic work that will shake the whole world in 2018. A special edition of one of his most famous works, The Girl with Balloon, was sold at an auction at Sotheby’s for £ 1.4 million. And after minutes from the sale, with a little Banksy’s play, the work self-destructed. In the glare of publicity…

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Show Me Your Monet

His Show Me Your Monet will also be auctioned on October 21st in Sotheby’s. Of course, all kinds of doubts and “I wonder” come to mind. Banksy was marked once…

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“Water Lilies”

Show Me The Monet, by Banksy dedicated to French painter Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies” series, is about one of Monet’s impressionist masterpieces. In the Banksy version of the work, there is an overturned shopping cart and a traffic cone in the lake where the water lilies float. The work, which the artist finished in 2005, first met with art lovers 15 years ago in his second exhibition in London. It is a part of the series where Banksy remixes “sacred works” in his own words.

The work will be exhibited first in New York and then in Hong Kong this month before it goes on sale. If it’s going to self-destruct at the end of the sale, it might really be the last time to see it.

By the way, as we said in the introduction to the article, former TV presenter Neil Buchanan is allegedly the mysterious artist. While the rumors on social media are spreading at the speed of light, one person’s comment is especially remarkable: It is stated that the artworks of Banksy appeared at the places where Buchanan’s former band Marseille gave concerts. Neil Buchanan drops the point by saying that these allegations do not reflect the truth.

However the issue is not going to drop immediately. When it comes to Banksy, the conversation starts to turn so passionately… Who knows, he will come to the agenda soon, with what…