Five New Inspiring Travel Books

Here are guides to shape your vacation plans…

Metaverse Dream

Written by Paul Dawalibi,Gregory Landegger Publishing House: Assouline

The new book from the famous publishing house Assouline approaches the future of tourism from an extraordinary perspective, and the book has become popular even before its release… The writer of book Paul Dawalibi, a visionary technology investor, looks at the extension of the metaverse concept that was born in game world but has since made a name for itself in many fields from art to fashion, to the field of travel, and gives clues about the virtual travels that await us in the future. Whilst the metaverse is still considered metaphysical, it’s worth a look because the future may be closer than we think.

The Beatles’ Liverpool

Written by Mike Haskins Publishing House: Pitkin

To The Beatles, their hometown Liverpool, meant a lot. All members of legendary band were born in Liverpool and the city’s influence on their music is undeniable. Following in the footsteps of The Beatles, author Mike Haskins takes readers through more than 50 iconic areas of the city and invites everyone to discover this British city that has such an impact on music and art.

David Yarrow: How I Make Photographs (Masters of Photography)

Written by David Yarrow Publishing House: Laurence King Publishing

Have you ever thought about how those amazing predator photos that seen in magazines are taken? In his new book, David Yarrow, known for his nature and wildlife photography for more than two centuries, explains 20 ways to photograph predators in the best way possible. Known also as a respected nature activist, Yarrow explains how to use cameras and lenses in the most effective way and how to do so without harming nature.

Great Escapes Latin America. The Hotel Book.

Written by Angelika Taschen Publishing House: Tashcen

From the Amazon Rainforest to Patagonia, from the Andes to Caribbean beaches, Great Escapes Latin America brings together the most updated and important news of Latin America. The Hotel Book is a visual feast of stylish hotels and camping addresses for those who dreams to discover a new continent in the new year.

The Bucket List Eco Experiences: Traveling the World, Sustaining the Earth

Written by Juliet Kinsman Publishing House: Universe

Planning ecological and sustainable vacations is one of the most important options for the health and future of our world. In her new book, Sustainability Editor Juliet Kinsman shares more than a thousand eco-friendly travel ideas that are respectful of local cultures and nature… From visiting ecological coffee plantations in Puerto Rico to tracking critically endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda, there is a wide variety of sustainable travel ideas for travelers of all ages and tastes.

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