Fathers in Songs…

13 June 2023
Fathers in Songs…

Here are some songs that give meaning to Father’s Day.

“Father” as a concept exists in almost every aspect of life; from the mafia to politics, from sports to art… However, the meaning and importance of Father’s Day, which is celebrated on the third Sunday of every June (although some countries celebrate it at different times), is completely different. One of the things that comes to mind when it comes to Father’s Day is the songs that remind or add meaning to this special day. Although it cannot compete with Mother’s Day, the number of songs that come to mind for Father’s Day is not bad either.

No doubt that at least eighty out of every 100 people will choose it. At the top of the list of songs for Father’s Day is undoubtedly the song “Bana Bir Masal Anlat Baba” performed by Oya Küçümen.

This is the soundtrack of the TV series “Super Baba”, which started in 1993 and locked people from all walks of life on the screen. It is performed by Oya Küçümen, but the signature of the song belongs to the Yeni Türkü ensemble.

The generic song of the TV series in which Şevket Altuğ gives life to the unforgettable character Fiko is also one of the important works of our pop music history. Speaking of Yeni Türkü, the song “Acelya” from the band’s “Yeşilmişik” album should be included in this bet; On the occasion of Meral Özbek’s words dedicated to “My Father”…

One of the songs that best expresses the love, respect and admiration for one’s father is Cem Karaca’s “Baba” song, there is a strong content of the song. there is a sense of longing. In fact, the content of songs that talk about fathers is often filled with a sense of longing. This is a lament that Karaca wrote as if after his father Mehmet Bey, because his father was alive when Karaca wrote the song. Karaca could not attend the funeral of his father, who died years later, because he was in exile. For the same reason, Cem Karaca wrote a song called “Oğluma” before it was too late and listed all the advice in it one by one.

The difference of Fatih Kısaparmak’s song “Bu Adam Benim Babam” is the emphasis on class. This is the story of a working-class “father. “This man is my father / With the octagon cap / With the sequin on his shoulder hey! / He has no money / His cigarette is from Bafra / The wound is in his heart / He raised six children / On a worker’s salary / For a bite of bread / He didn’t bow to anyone / This man is my father!”

Ahmet Kaya’s song “Baba Bugün Sana Gelmek İstiyorum” is not far from the song Kısaparmak. It expresses the longings of a doomed prisoner who has fallen away from his father’s hearth.

Barış Manço’s song “Güle Güle Oğlum” is based on the advice a father gave to his son before marriage. The line “Let’s go now, let’s not keep the guests waiting” at the end of the song is an indication that these were discussed just before the wedding.

Müslüm Gürses sings after a son who goes like Manço in the song “Ah Oğlum”. The lyrics are written by Murathan Mungan, the composition is by Burhan Bayar.

“Ama Babacığım” consists of the advice Fikret Kızılok gave to his son. The song was performed at Kızılok’s recital with Bülent Ortaçgil at the Çekirdek Art House.

As it is full of longing, the stories under the songs written about fathers are just as tragic. For example, the composition of Hasret Gültekin, who was murdered at a young age when he was only 22, named “Canım My Son” was adapted from a poem by Hasan Hüseyin Korkmazgil. The song was later interpreted by Gültekin’s son.

One of the most impressive father songs belongs to Erkut Taçkın. New generations probably remember this song from Tolga Karaçelik’s movie Kelebekler, which was released in 2018. The film tells the journey of three brothers who follow their father’s call to the place where he lives. Translated into Turkish by Mehmet Teoman’s words, the song exists under the name “Papa” in Paul Anka’s 1974 album. Erkut Taçkın interpreted the song a year later.

Although they only released two albums, the Hardal group has a wonderful song called “Babalar Küçük Oğullarına Söylesinler Diye”, which is written in gold letters in our rock music history and shown as a breaking point. This is the opening song of Hardal’s second album, “Nereden Nereye”, released in 1982. The lyrics and music belong to the founding member and guitarist Şükrü Yüksel. The content is full of words that store love and morale for the departed.