Cartier Clash [Un]limited: A Limitless Jewelry Collection

31 August 2021
Cartier Clash [Un]limited: A Limitless Jewelry Collection

Lily Collins is the new face of Cartier Clash [Un]limited, which is a capsule collection that breaks all the rules.

The Cartier Clash [Un]limited collection brings a new breath to the traditional lines of jewelry with its rebellious, angular and edgy designs. The Clash [Un]limited is a new capsule collection that the Cartier de Clash collection takes more angular and rebellious forms. The spiky and voluminous forms of the collection stand out at the first glance. While pieces are designed in black and white, the radical touches are occasionally punctuated with hints of purple.

A rose gold mesh bracelet, a reversible diamond and onyx picot bracelet, and an XXL picot ring are among the highlights of the collection.

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The collection uses diamond, onyx and amethyst with all kinds of possibilities. Also, geometric lines combined with inflated volumes.

The ambassador of this rebellious collection is Lily Collins, who is famous for Emily in Paris (the second is about to begin!).