An Emotional Response to Haute Couture

8 July 2021
An Emotional Response to Haute Couture

Maria Grazia Chiuri presents an Haute Couture Autumn-Winter Collection, which is designed with hand-made textiles, will make you want to touch them.

With accelerating vaccination all over the world, all field of life has begun to return to the old normal. Whilst fashion shows, which were moved to digital during the pandemic period, are returning to in-person shows, albeit with various measures, fashion designers do not neglect to reflect the effects of returning normal in their designs. As you known, we have been watching Dior’s collection on digital fashion shows and short movies for a while. In the end, the brand took its place on the stage with Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Autumn-Winter Collection.

In this collection, the disruptive language of the embroidery is expressed through a project that turns into performance. This time, the poetry, which we are familiar with designs by Chiuri, is located at the intersection of style, motion, and attitude. The pleats and draping techniques of the stitches, so to speak, is a proof of previous sentence. On the other hand, through square patterns, tweeds, textures, and different dimensions of black and white, innovative knitted structures are revealed.

The collection is designed with the motto of “returning being present” and aims at materiality. Furthermore, designs are also associated with the sense of sight and touch rather than being just decorative ornaments. Pleats, forms created with stitches and hand-knitted chains are the prominent designs of the collection.

Whilst looking at the silk embroideries, I am crooning, “My fingertips want to know you, they want to touch you like children…”

Another look from the collection…

Chiuri prepared the favorite pieces of her collection in collaboration with French visual artist Eva Jospin. The designs by these two women were presented in a fashion show area called as “Chambre de Soie” (Silk Room) and equipped with sketches.