Aman’s Tranquility is Reflected Fashion

12 August 2022
Aman’s Tranquility is Reflected Fashion

In 1998, Aman, which is the world’s most intuitive and pioneering resort hotel and the address of privacy with its first “castle of peace” in Phuket that named after the Sanskrit word for peace and responding to those who seek peace, seclusion and appreciation of beauty as an integral part of their lifestyle, returned to fashion in 2021 with its first leather collection of nineteen unique designs.

With 34 hotels, resorts, and residences, 15 of which are located near or within Unesco protected areas, the hotel chain focuses on personalized and experiential journeys and has built its new collection on these subtleties.

Shaped by contemporary designs, attractive and refined silhouettes, the collection includes card holders, wallets, passport covers, handbags and small leather accessories.

Handmade in Italy and France by using an authentic construction process, each piece is timeless and inspired by origami, which is a Japanese folding technique.

Priced ay $250 to $4000, the collection is available at Aman boutiques and