A Sustainable Razor

A Sustainable Razor

With launching the world’s first paper razor, Japanese brand Kai has vetoed those who want to enjoy shaving and it has a clear stance against both waste of water and the individual secondary carbon footprint we produce by using plastic.  

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı kai_disposable-paper-razor_design_dezeen_2364_col_0-1-1240x876.jpg

The brand aims to reduce the use of plastic. “We have designed a razor with an inspiration that we blended Japanese origami art with the Development Goals as a response to United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals,” said Kai. An aesthetic, which one of the pillars of Japanese culture, has been updated to today’s needs makes the paper razor even more interesting.

All parts except the head and blades are made from water-resistant card and is available on different color options. It is made of 98 percent paper and 2 percent paint. Thanks to this product, which is also very practical, men’s morning routine will be more sustainable.

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