A Fashion Icon: Sex and the City

It’s the 1990s, we haven’t entered the reign of social media yet, we take a close look at the best dressed pages of newspapers and magazines, we take the pulse of street style from the magazine pages… The life story of an editor that suits the pages of these magazines, while we turn these pages, on the other side of the ocean, it takes shape in New York City. Carrie Bradshaw conveys the new lifestyle of the modern, urban woman, who is taking firm steps towards the 2000s.

The most interesting thing about Carrie and her close friends, aside from being stereotypical New York City residents, is that they can melt this diversity in one pot. Carrie enjoying her single life and spending her paycheck on the Manolos for the new season; Charlotte working in an art gallery and a more conservative Upper East Side; Samantha, one of the most important names in the PR world; and Miranda, the most bureaucratic character of this group, are a part of different lifestyles. Maybe because these characters could still be with us when the calendars show 2023, Sex and the City is still watched uninterruptedly today. In fact, the phrase And Just Like That…, which has become a generic to Carrie’s columns, could be the title of the script that brought the series back to life.

Although each character in the series, regardless of the big or small, appears with unique styles, the character of Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays the leading role, is engraved in our visual memory with her extravaganza appearances. The white tutu look in the trailer of the series continues to be on the moodboards of many fashion editors today.

Composed of newspaper headline patterns by John Galliano, the wide-cut, rope-hanging dress is likely to be the leading actor in auctions today. Vivienne Westwood’s signature becomes more understandable when we see Carrie’s uniform white shirt and green miniskirt in the ninth episode of the fourth season, and the penetrating ruffles when she turns around.

Re-entering our lives with the name And Just Like That, the team continues on their way without Samantha for now. Continuing on the road with the missing staff of a style icon in the new season, the trio J.W. She also wears Anderson’s pigeon clutch, wanders the streets of Paris with Valentino’s final fashion show look, and Miranda, who has rediscovered her sexual identity, does not hesitate to add her favorite men’s fashion shows to her wardrobe.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the series is counting down to a new season with And Just Like That. We continue to follow the iconic looks of the series, which is still up to date after 25 years. The series, which examines the street style of New York from the perspective of urban women, is a matter of curiosity for now which legendary looks will be brought to the screens in the new season.

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