£5 Million for Climate Change

19 April 2021
£5 Million for Climate Change

Mount Rainier National Park, painted in oil by Albert Bierstadt in 1890, was closed to visitors as of February 2020 to prevent possible flood and landslides. As if the world-famous street artist Banksy knew that today would come, he intervened in the work of the painter Bierstadt and re-released it as a different work in 2009.

Bu Görsel Boş Bir Alt Niteliğe Sahip; Dosya Adı Shutterstock_Reflection_Lake_Trail_295670498_K91Efh-1240X827.Jpeg

Adding an asterisk to the top of the mountain we see in the picture, Banksy, who wrote “subject to availability for a limited period” at the bottom right, showed his farsighted attitude to climate change years ago.  Since this striking reproduction was made by Banksy, the social message was inevitable, which points out that it is an inevitable end that we will lose all the beauty that nature has to offer us in a short time due to the change experienced.

The work will be sale on June 30, at Christie’s auction house. It’s estimated price is between 3-5 million sterling.