3 Hidden Precious Greek Islands

We left behind the 9-day holiday. Some of us spent these 9 days parallel to the heat wave in the city, away from the crowds penetrating the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and some of us by the sea with the policy of going down to these hot seas. As you know, the concept of vacation is such a relative concept that it is also a choice to follow the mainstream, to get away from the crowds and withdraw into your own shell… As such, it is necessary to choose between beaches that have become a trending topic in social media and coves where phone signals drop to zero. This time, we turned our direction to the Aegean, to the quiet coves to leave a message after the beep. We have determined 3 islands for ourselves in Greece, which are indispensable destinations for practical getaways in summer: Zakynthos, Folegandros, Kythira. These three destinations, which host different shades of blue with their unique coves, are our recommendation for those who want to enjoy the serenity at undiscovered stops during the summer months.


Folegandros, located between the Cyclades archipelago together with the tourist paradise islands such as Mykonos, Sikinos and Anafi in the Aegean Sea, is one of the undiscovered stops of the Aegean with its small area and a population of approximately 1400. Since there is no airport on the island, transportation can only be provided by sea. Folegandros truly reflects the spirit of a Greek island, with this feature and the fact that the city center is not accessible by car.

The island’s landscape reflecting the Greek culture, small squares and 3 separate regions are home to interesting local and artisanal shops, taverns and restaurants. The Chora area is the center of the island, and just ahead of this area is the church of Panagia, which you can climb on foot. Our first recommendation for those who want to watch the unique view of Folegandros from here and watch a calm sunset.

Kartego Beach, which we can call one of the most fascinating spots of the Aegean Sea, is one of the most beautiful bays of Folegandros. You can enjoy the sun and the Aegean Sea here, or you can rent a small boat and visit the bays around the island.


Located on the Ionian coast of Greece, close to the Italian coast, Zakynthos is the third largest island in the Ionian Islands group. It has 123 kilometers of coastline and this strip has fascinating coves and views. Thanks to the large area of the island, there is an airport. The island can be easily reached by connecting flights from Athens. Due to the location of the island, there is a crowd of Italian tourists. For this reason, the island is divided into two with more touristic and quieter areas.

The most touristic spot on the island is Navagio Beach, which can only be reached by sea, with the sunken remains of a Turkish tobacco ship. The coast, which is dazzling in color due to the sulphurous water surrounding the island, is truly worth seeing, with a viewpoint accessible by land and a beach that can only be reached by sea.

You can visit this wide coastline as you wish with the speedboats and sailboats that can be rented around the island. This island-specific rule, which has its own municipality, makes the coastline discoverable. Limnionas Beach is the least crowded and perhaps the most beautiful spot on the island. This stop, where you can sunbathe on the white volcanic cliffs, lie on the edge of the turquoise waters and enjoy the silence, should definitely be on your list.


Located just at the southern tip of the Peloponnese peninsula, Kythira is an ideal stop for a quiet Greek getaway away from the crowds, with its small area and population of around 4,000. The island has an airport and Kythira is becoming an even more accessible destination thanks to the connecting flights from Athens. However, despite this, the island still maintains its quiet, calm state.

Like Folegandros, the center of Kythira is Chora! The area has a splendid landscape, culturally white Greek houses and old streets. We can say that even staying in the city center gives you the opportunity to spend a quiet holiday. Local stops in the city square offer delicious snacks. We recommend you to take a look at the view from the castle, which is right next to the center.

The waterfall ponds in the village of Mylopotamos will make your Greek island getaway more exotic. The coves around this waterfall view will bring you together with the Aegean Sea a little further on. In Kaladi Beach, one of the most beautiful bays in the city, taking vitamin D against the eye-catching shades of blue doesn’t sound bad at all. If you wish, you can take a small boat ride to Antikythira, which is located just across Kythira, and take a deep breath in the little brother of the island.

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