Ultra Luxury Hotels With Their Own Yahcts

When it comes to servicing there is no boundaries in luxury lifestyle. Obliged to fulfill their guests’ expectations from vacations, hotels are one of the most important parts of luxury life. And recently, the world’s best hotels are apparently determined to exceed the limits. Because these hotels are realizing new projects to carry their service worthy of kings to the sea.

Expensive brands or best services, expectations never end in ultra-luxurious life. On the contrary, they increase exponentially, and saying “no” is never accepted, which means satisfying the guest is really hard. And one of the rings of this chain is of course hotels, where the best of everything is offered, or in other words, must be offered. Apparently, luxury hotels do their best to exceed the expectations of their guests. Moreover, two of the world’s most important hotel chains have decided to move their impeccable services on land to the sea.

Having 108 hotels in 30 countries, Ritz Carlton is one of these hotels. The US luxury hotel chain announced that it was going to start operating at sea a long time ago. The company was preparing to put a fleet of luxury vessels into service and according to its plans, the first ship would to be launched two years ago However, due to pandemic, this project was postponed, and the ship could not be launched. Eventually, good news from the company recently came: Ritz Carlton’s first cruise ship, Evrima, was launched and made its maiden voyage in the Mediterranean on October 15. The 190-meter-long Evrima’s first cruise route was Barcelona-Nice. Entering the sector with great speed, Evrima has the capacity to accommodate 198 guests in 149 cabins.

Ritz Carlton

While Ritz Carlton launched the first ship of its fleet, another giant hotel chain announced that also it was preparing to take its service to the seas. This time, the news came from Four Seasons, which has more than 100 hotels around the world Announcing its new service Four Seasons Yachts at Monaco Yacht Show, the company declared that the production of its first ship has started at Fincantieri, famous Italian shipyards. Costing 4 million pounds, the ship will have a capacity to accommodate 95 guests. Designed in villa style, each cabin will vary between 800 and 50 square meters. The cabins will be covered with floor-to-ceiling glass and will offer full sea views. With its spa, pools, restaurants and all kinds of luxuries, Four Seasons will offer the same luxury service at sea as it does in its hotels. According to plans, the company will have three ships in its fleet. The entire fleet is expected to be completed within 15 years.

On the one hand, the race for hotels to extend their services at sea is not a new idea. Today, many hotels around the world offer services on superyachts. Some even have their own fleets. However, Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons are the first to give hotel services on such large ships. And here are other hotels from different countries that also operate superyachts.

Six Senses Resort Zighy Bay, Omani

Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Oman is also a luxury tourism center. As one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to luxury vacation, Six Senses Oman Zighy Bay offers a very exclusive service to its customers with its extraordinary superyacht Dhahab. The 27-meter-long luxury superyacht continues the hotel’s design that combines Eastern mystery with luxury at sea. It is actually a dhow, a traditional Arabian boat. Considered to be one of the world’s first sailing boats, Dhahab is the motor yacht version of the dhows and has even a movie theater. The yacht can be rented for a day or a few nights, it can accommodate six people. With a cruising speed of 10 knots, Dhahan allows its guests to enjoy Musandam’s untouched coastline, sharp fjords and deserted beaches. The crystal-clear sea of the region offers an unforgettable experience especially for water ski, snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Activities in Dhahab are not limited to these: if you are interested in cooking, can take lessons from Dhahab’s chefs or enjoy the SPA.


Canaves Oia, Santorini Island

Located on the Cyclades Archipelago of Greece, Santorini is one of the most romantic vacation destinations in the world. As a volcanic island, Santorini has impressive villages overlooking the seemingly endless blue sea of the Mediterranean from the top of the mountains. Canaves Oia Hotel in Oia, which is one of these villages, is a family-run business. Run since 1985 by the Chaidemenos family, the boutique hotel has 18 rooms featuring a perfect view. Offering unforgettable days especially for those who want to have a romantic gateway with its minimalist Mediterranean architecture, the hotel has a fleet of three luxury boats. The boats transport guests to Santorini’s most private beaches that are not accessible by land. Especially, the 20-meter motor yacht Alexandros serves those who want to see many islands in a short time with its speed reaching 32 knots. The boats feature all kind of sea toys, activities such as wine tasting and the most delicious dishes of the Mediterranean.


Rosewood Tucker’s Point, Bermuda

The superyacht of the Rosewood Hotel in Bermuda, one of the most popular Caribbean countries for wealthy tourists, has a very special design. The 37-meter-long superyacht named Mariner III attracts attention with its vintage look. Mariner III is quite old and therefore a very cool superyacht. Launched in 1926, this very special superyacht was refitted in 2004. Owner of the superyacht, The Rosewood Hotel is in one of the most beautiful spots of Bermuda, which consists of 181 islets. Mariner III is a very large resort, giving the guest of Rosewood Hotel the opportunity to swim in the most beautiful beaches of Bermuda. The yacht served as a spectator boat at the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda. Its spacious deck was a perfect viewing spot for the America’s Cup, one of the most exciting sailing races in the world.


Datai Langkawi, Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the best routes for those who cannot give up exotic routes. With nearly 900 islands, large and small, and magnificent underwater richness, Malaysia has stunning hotel options. Located on Langkawi Island in the Andaman Sea, the Datai Langkawi Hotel offers its guests an extraordinary experience with its extraordinary superyacht. Hidden in the thousand shades of green of the tropical world, the Datai Langkawi Hotel is located in a 10-million-year-old rainforest.

Datai Bay, arrived by the hotel’s private pathway, has been named “one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world” by National Geographic for its silky-soft sand and clear waters. The hotel’s Asian style sailing superyacht, Naga Pelangi is also at the service of those who want to explore the turquoise waters of archipelago. The 30-meter-long Naga Pelangi is hand-built from local Chengal wood by a shipyard on the east coast of Malaysia that produces traditional wooden boats. This unique boat allows guests to enjoy the surrounding islands, bays and untouched beaches without leaving the comfort of Datai Langkawi. Cruises around tropical islands are customized according to guests’ interests.

The Wellesley, London

Located in Knightsbridge, The Wellesley is one of the coolest hotels in the city with views overlooking the iconic Hyde Park. Belong to the Marriott hotel group, The Wellesley offers an ultra-luxurious stay in London. Surrounded by London’s most luxurious department stores Harrods and Harvey Nichols, and on the other side Picadilly and the West End, The Wellesley Hotel gives every detail of British culture to its guests. Dating back to 1932, the hotel is famous for its Art Deco style with traces of those years. On the other hand, the superyacht of the hotel welcomes its guests in the warm waters of Mediterranean, far away from London. Carrying the Art Deco style of the London hotel to the seas, the 56-meter superyacht Wellesley can accommodate 12 guests in its six cabins, and it is described as a “seamless extension” of this London hotel. Located on the lower deck, the master stateroom gives the feeling of luxury spirit with its bronze and leather details. Furthermore, the dining room do not resemble the tables of the royal family with brands such as Christofle, Baccarat, Wedgwood. Short of the long story, The Wellesley superyacht brings services of the luxury hotel in cold London to the warm waters of the Mediterranean.


Alila Hotels & Resorts, Indonesia

Once again, we are heading to the Indian Ocean, this time to Indonesia, which is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world. Composed of more than 17 thousand islands, Indonesia offers everything expected from an exotic vacation. The owner of extremely special boat Purnama, Alila Hotels offers a dream vacation to its guests in the Raja Ampat Archipelago with untouched nature. Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world thanks to its unique underwater richness. This hotel in Raja Ampat, which attracts thousands of diving enthusiasts every year with its coral reefs and tropical forests, was built in accordance with the philosophy of sustainability. Purnama, the hotel’s 46-meter yacht, was inspired by the Phinisi’s used by Indonesian fishermen for hundreds of years. Phinisi were first built by the Konjo Indians, a sub-ethnic group in South Sulawesi. They are still used for transportation and fishing between the Indonesian Archipelago. The hull resembles the dhows used in the Arabian Peninsula, and the two masts at the bow and stern are reminiscent of Western raft boats.

Purnama is, of course, a very luxurious and modern version of the Phinisi. With Purnama, the hotel takes its guests around Komodo National Park, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1991 and declared one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Staffed by 16 crew members, Purnama has five luxurious cabins.


Amanpuri, Phuket

There is no doubt that Thailand is one of the first destinations that comes to mind when it comes to exotic vacations. Located in one of the most popular tourist destinations of Thailand with its nature, delicious cuisine and culture, Phuket, Amanpuri is a hotel on the shores of the Andaman Sea, nestled in the forest and the magnificent sea. The hotel is also a holistic center in which all kinds of services are offered for those who want to relieve all kinds of stress and revitalize their body during their holiday. The Amanpuri Hotel also has its own fleet of boats. The favorite boat of this fleet is Maha Bhetra. The 27 meters-long Maha Bhetra, which is inspired by Thai fishing boats, visits large and small islands and beaches in the Andaman Sea. Its three staterooms can accommodate six guests and a five-person crew serves. The interior decoration reflects Asian culture as much as the exterior. Modern details are combined with traditional Asian handicrafts.


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