There is a message from COACH in this spring

There is a message from COACH in this spring

“Coach It Forward to me means to pay it forward and to be grateful. I’m thrilled that I had this opportunity to recognize my family and my chosen family ofcreatives, collaborators, thinkers, doers and friends who have had such a positive impact on my life.”  Jennifer Lopez

We left behind a long and difficult year. The pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives and changed our lives. During the days we spent homes, we have waited impatiently to wear clothes that we bought with excitiment. Now, we are making room for new clothes in our closets for spring and of course, we dream of wearing them for the moments we spend with our loved ones. Coach was one of the brands that introduced the spring collection for us who are waiting for spring this year greater enthussiasm than ever before. The brand also made a invitation with this collection: “Let’s leave a message of gratitude for someone in their lives, creating a ripple effect of optimism and connecting communities around the world”

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“Coach It Forward” , invites us to the power of optimism and collective action, to be aware of the existence of everyone who has foothold in taking the world one step further, to discover the existence of people who effect and change us. This is an invitation to accompany the nature that awakens again with spring as humanity.

To bring the campaign to life, Coach collaborated with photographer Renell Medrano and stylist Olivier Rizzo.  Friends and family of the cast recognized in the campaign include Jennifer Lopez’s long-time friend, producer and collaborator Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Jordan’s business partners and owners of Las’ Lap bar Vince Bryant, Bryce Sheldon and Scott Robert Williams. We listen to messages these names receive from their families and friends expressing their gratitude and happiness for being their life in the campaign. “ Coach It Forward” is not only brings together fashion lovers with chic designs, but also enables us to notice the hands holding our hands.

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