The Utopian Future Of Public Transport

18 April 2021
The Utopian Future Of Public Transport

We have accepted the fact that flying cars, vehicles that take you where you want with automation technology, will be integrated into our lives. We’ve even started hearing examples of this from different metropolises around the world. It is not so far, although it’s not a private car for you, Uber New York can send you a private helicopter to your address with a single tap.

However, when humanity’s passion for technology and conformist stance come together, the speed of production of personalized vehicles also doubles, and many aerospace companies focus on this area to invest in the future. As such, a transport vehicle that will get you and your family from point A to point B in a very short time, which you can park in your garage at any time, is introduced by California-based Aska.

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The goal is the same as other vehicles; to keep the time spent on transportation as short as possible and to make this experience with luxury. Therefore, Aska’s design does not come to your door depending on any application, on the contrary, this vehicle anchors your door and starts your journey whenever you want. The pre-sales of the vehicle, which is planned to be available for sale in 2026, already continues. According to the research, the number of families who have purchased the product is quite high. It is obvious that this aircraft, which was pre-ordered with a label price of $ 789,000, will deeply affect the American family culture, don’t you think?

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