The Golden Age of Bespoke Concept

The Golden Age of Bespoke Concept

There is a word that has been in our language for the last few years and has affected many industries: Personalization. The change in our consumption habits, the perception of luxury shifting to a different dimension, and the consumers’ desire to feel special enthroned the word personalization for many brands.

The situation that people feels special with shopping, which started with personalization before, started to be replaced by bespoke, that is, personalized production order. Many brands have thought that the new generation consumers will want to buy mainstream pieces, while the new generation has shown that they cannot break away from their nostalgic feelings. While the current brands of street style included tracksuit bottoms into their collections, they suddenly has realized that the production of personalized suits was on-trend. Sneakers now designed to colors of their owners and their initials. Furniture, paintings, and objects that special to only our home took their places in our living spaces. All of these was the result of the steps that we took to make ourselves feel special.

Bespoke concept has had an impact not only on the fast moving consumer goods, but also on the pieces that have the characteristics of investment. Especially in the last year, with effect of pandemic, the concept of bespoke has been on the rise in consumption, which can be seen as an investment. Bespoke Collective at Home of Rolls Royce also has achieved successful designs in 2020, despite of it was such a difficult year.

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Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce, told that achievment of the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective in Goodwood, UK, is on a very large scale, despite the constraints presented by 2020.  He attributes the increase in bespoke concepts compared to the past, both to the creative world of Bespoke Collective and to the consumers’ desire to feel good.

Just a glance at a few of the bespoke designs by the design team proves once again how effectively and strongly the Rolls-Royce heritage can be adapted from the past to the future. While some designs reinterpret the ironic Cullinan with inspiration from the Russian mountains, others are inspired by a twilight moment in Tokyo or bring the aesthetic understanding of a South African artist to the chassis of the Phantom model…

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Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı 1610540316_P90411404_highRes-1200x1200.jpg
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