Still Alive, Still Rolling Stones…

Still Alive, Still Rolling Stones…

The Rolling Stones, the owners of records that seem impossible to break since the sixties, especially in terms of continuity statistics, released their new album “Hackney Diamond”.

“Among the names at the top of the pages of music history, whose album release would excite you more?” The name we will see most in the answers to the question is probably the Rolling Stones. The British band, which has been the owner of records that seem impossible to break, especially in terms of continuity, since the sixties, released its 24th UK and 26th American studio album, “Hackney Diamonds”. Moreover, since it is currently at its peak, it has received more attention from countless stars and has generally received positive reviews from almost everyone.

After the Rolling Stones tour completed after the death of their drummer Charlie Watts in 2021, frontman Mick Jagger thought it was time to make a new album. They had already accumulated enough original material since 2005’s “A Bigger Bang”. But the real impetus behind the desire to make a new album was the fact that Watts was no longer with them. Things were almost done when Jagger told guitarist Keith Richards, the only founding member of the band who lived with him, that he wanted him to complete the soundtrack. Thus, their first studio album in 18 years, “Hackney Diamonds”, was released.

Still Alive, Still Rolling Stones…

“Hackney Diamonds” was not quite this year’s harvest as it appeared. There’s quite a bit of old material in there; not only the material but also the attitude is old, but it has such a feature that it instantly throws away all the “outdated” criticisms about it. With this album, the Rolling Stones prove that they are still alive and standing. They used recordings left behind by Watts on two tracks, and invited bassist Bill Wyman, who left 30 years ago, to the recordings. In this way, they gave a nod to the sound of the early eighties. Although the album is straight rock & roll, they have achieved a good variety with country and acoustic blues songs.

For example, the flashy ballad “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” featuring Lady Gaga gives a good idea of how expensive the production of this album is, showing how much the music industry still cares and invests in them. It builds bridges between the old and the new by hosting superstars such as Stevie Wonder, Elton John and McCartney, as well as the Stones. New American producer Andrew Watt, recommended by McCartney, did not even consider making radical changes in the Rolling Stones’ music. This talented man, who is the producer of stars such as Justin Bieber, Ozzy Osbourne and Iggy Pop, has worked as a guarantor that the Rolling Stones are not left behind.

The title of the album is London slang for the broken glass left behind after thieves break a window to gain entry. Hackney is an area of London with a high crime rate. This album is full of signs that they have not lost much of their glory.

Still Alive, Still Rolling Stones…

The Rolling Stones last released a blues cover album called “Blue & Lonesome” in 2016. In fact, they had rolled up their sleeves for a new album in 2020, but this time the epidemic prevented it.

The band treads a fine line between being open to innovations in the music world and being brave enough to challenge the still-changing world.

This is a real Rolling Stones album, flesh and blood, blood and bone, everything. There is no need for them to invent any formula to influence the market; their existence is already the strongest prescription for the history of music. The Rolling Stones are like an anti-aging cream… For those who have been following music for seventy years, the Rolling Stones have always been around. It was also the gateway through which many casual pop listeners entered the world of rock music. Jagger is 80 years old, and Richards turns 80 in December. Despite this, the Rolling Stones are still one of the biggest brands in the music world. They still manage to convince us by making the most impossible music in this strange world.

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