Sotheby’s in the NFT Marketplace with Metaverse

Inspired by the rise of the digital art world, Sotheby’s presents its new platform Sotheby’s Metaverse in which NFTs selected by curators will be brought together with digital collectors.

Steve Aoki x Gal Yosef –MetaZoo-Mothman

According to Sotheby’s this step is a first in the industry, it also stated that it has built a marketplace which will offer special services for NFTs.

Indeed, Sotheby’s has started to take the first steps for Metaverse by connecting crypto artists, curators, and collectors during this period. Now, one of the supporters of the new initiative of the auction house is Paris Hilton, whilst Time is also preparing to meet with collections with its NFT, Lines of History.

Bored Ape Yacht Club