Sneakers Made with The Planet in Mind

2 May 2021
Sneakers Made with The Planet in Mind

Adidas was appreciated when it has announced that its goal is to end plastic waste until 2024.  Soon after that, the brand has announced 100% recyclable Future Loop, which is a sign that it will keep its word, whilst announced that it will switch over in its existing models.

Taking an important step with Ultraboost in its recycling story, Adidas announced that Ultraboost Made To Be Remade will take back shoes that have expired with the QR code on item from consumers who brought them to Adidas store. The brand will reuse all materials of shoes in something new.

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Besides, the brand plans to continue this tradition with Ultraboost 21 x Parley For The Oceans and Ultraboost 6.0 DNA x Parley models, and uses Ultraboost 21 and Primeblue, a yarn obtained from waste collected from beaches, in its products.

Ultraboost 6.0 DNA’s shoe-upper produced with Primeblue and its layered material consisting of twenty percent recycled fishing nets seems to be a favorite of environmentally friendly brand fans.

Adidas, which protects the future of our planet, deserves credits for its stance that will set an example for all brands, what do you think?