Skin Care Chronology for Brides

Skin Care Chronology for Brides

Have you completed your wedding check list? The guest, lcv’s, seating arrangement, song list, photo shoot… There are countless things for wedding preparation. However, we would like to focus on a point that should not be neglected in delightful chaos: your skin.  A correct care routine can help you shine brightly on your happy day, while creating a smooth canvas, it can help your makeup to fit better on the skin and achieve a porcelain finish with the least amount of product.

However, you are also aware that it is not possible to have quality skin in one go. A regular maintenance ritual of at least a few weeks is needed for a healthy glowing skin that is free from complaints. We share the maintenance chronology and tips you should follow to put the final touch on your perfect look on your wedding day.

4-6 Months Ago

Some professional care before the wedding is among the applications that you should approach cautiously. That’s why 4-6 months before the wedding day is an ideal time to start a new process and see the results. In this process, you can start applications that lighten spots and renew the upper layers of the skin, such as laser treatments, after consulting with your doctor. If you do not have any professional care experience before, if you do not know how your skin will react, and if there is less than 4 months to the wedding, stay away from treatments that sensitize the skin and cause temporary irritation.

These few months are also effective for getting efficiency from formulations that work against signs of skin aging. By starting retinoids during this period, you can ensure that you come out a few years younger and energetic in your wedding photos.

Skin Care Chronology for Brides

3 Months Ago

A few months before the wedding, your first step should be to purify and renew your skin to hit the reset button. To begin with, you can include skin cleansers and clay masks that purify the pores deeply. These products, which you can adjust the frequency of use according to the dryness and sensitivity of the skin, will prepare a wonderful ground for your care journey.

Another helper is exfoliating products. Instead of particulate products, you should turn to chemical peels. This is the moment when AHAs and BHAs come into play. There are aggressive formulas on the shelves, as well as softer formulas that those with sensitive skin can easily use. You can even out the skin texture, get rid of dry and dead skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines with peeling masks that you should use after testing it at some point on your skin and apply 1-2 times a week.

This 3-month period is also very suitable for non-abrasive skin care procedures. You can recover and revitalize the skin with led therapy and microcurrent treatments that you can have 4-8 weeks before the wedding.

1 Month Ago

We are approaching the critical period. First warning! You should not try a new product or process within the last month. Products and applications that you do not know how the skin will react to can cause these few months of effort to be thrown aside. Don’t change your habits to avoid risking skin problems ranging from allergic reactions to rashes. This is a period where you continue to implement your maintenance steps consistently and get the results.

Our second warning is about botox. If you have botox regularly and you have started to see openings, it is useful to schedule your appointment about a month before this special day in order for the process to fully settle. Considering the control and retouching applications after the two-week effect of Botox on the skin, one month is an ideal time for you to see the full result.

Skin Care Chronology for Brides

1 Week Ago

As the excitement increases, it’s time to set aside the acids in your grooming ritual. In the last week, you should avoid all ingredients that can make the skin sensitive and tiresome, and focus on moisture, energy and glow. Hyaluronic acid serums, soothing essences, night care masks that plump the skin, and caffeinated eye products are among your strongest allies as your wedding day approaches.

The Wedding Day

The most important point you should pay attention to on your wedding day is the formulation of your skin care products. While you wait for your appointment with your makeup artist, after cleansing your skin with a lightweight cleanser, your serum and moisturizer are next. It is important that the products in these steps are water-based. While water-based formulas provide benefits without weighing down the skin, they will also help make-up products to adhere to the skin without difficulty, will not conflict with the products, and will not allow the foundation to disperse during the night.

Skin Care Chronology for Brides
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