Saatolog Picks – Dive Watches

22 July 2021
Saatolog Picks – Dive Watches

As Saatolog editors, we continue the article series that we have written in order to make your summer vacation more enjoyable. We have accompanied you while packing your suitcases for the holiday, preparing the music list to accompany you when you set off, and finally preparing cocktails that you will enjoy when you arrive at your holiday destination. Now it is dive watches’ turn. What could be better than a watch on your wrist while taking a deep breath to dig deeper?

Ulysse Nardin Diver Net 

Clean seas are our priority for an enjoyable diving experience, that is why, we begin the series with a timepiece produced to raise awareness on this issue: Ulysse Nardin Diver Net. Introduced with the slogan “From the sea to the wrist”, the concept watch Diver Net is designed to maximize sustainability and minimize the damage to the environment in production. In order to create awareness to protect oceans, the materials obtained from the recycling of fishing nets are used in the case and bezel. Recycled ceramic glass used instead of sapphire glass. In addition, the dial is in  green to symbolize nature.

Bu Görsel Boş Bir Alt Niteliğe Sahip; Dosya Adı Saatolog-Ulysse-Nardin-Saat.jpg

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K

If you are ready to dive deeper, Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K can accompany you. Continuing its series of dive watches with various innovations since it produced the first dive watch in 1958, the brand offers a bold diver’s watch with its Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K with 18-carat gold case and open case back. The timepiece appeals to both slim-wristwatch enthusiasts and vintage watch enthusiasts.

Bu Görsel Boş Bir Alt Niteliğe Sahip; Dosya Adı Saatolog-Tudor-Saat.jpg

Breitling Superocean Automatic 48 Boutique Edition

Breitling, the friend of sailors and aviators, has produced a bulky watch with the Superocean Automatic 48 to meet daring diver’s needs. Thanks to a special lock, securing the ceramic bezel and a special titanium and soft-iron case, it will enable you to explore the oceans safely. Water resistant up to 30 bars (300 meters), it will be up to any challenge whether you dive, swim or surf with it. With all these features, the model won a prize in the “Diver’s Watch of the Year” category at the 2020 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

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Rado Captain Cook Automatic Bronze

Another watch that can attract both dive watch and vintage enthusiasts is the Captain Cook Automatic Bronze. Designed with vintage details from 1962, the watch also defies time with its technological advances: with an 80-hour power reserve, the timepiece is one of the ambitious watches in this category. Water resistant up to 300 meters. The green dial is in a bronze case.

Bu Görsel Boş Bir Alt Niteliğe Sahip; Dosya Adı Saatolog-Rado-Saat.jpg

IWC Aquatimer

With the development of diving as a sport in the 1960s, another name from the high watchmaking world that was integrated into this field was IWC. The Aquatimer Reference 812 was the first watch that produced in this series. The timepiece was launched a bezel that would not be damaged by sudden accelerations during the dive, as well as a case resistant to water up to 200 meters. The Aquatimer series, which was introduced with blue dials about 50 years ago, has continued to grow and diversify until today.

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Panerai Submersible Luna Rossa

Panerai was the official sponsor of the Challenger of Record team Luna Rossa in the 36th race of the American Cup. Italian sailor Massimiliano Sirena was one of the people who wore the new Panerai dive watch. An American Cup phantom is engraved on the titanium case back of the watch, which is on the wrist of the world’s most famous watchmakers. The watch is water resistant up to 300 meters and it distinguishes from other dive timepieces in this list with a black dial. In addition, it is the boldest watch of this series.

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