Saatolog Picks – 5 Unforgettable Mother Figures of Screens

A few days before Mother’s Day on May 14, we wanted to approach mother’s day from a different angle, rather than preparing a last-minute gift guide. We brought together the characters, movies and TV series that glorify our mothers, who have an immeasurable place for us, from past to present and give them different meanings. We have compiled suggestions that will add a few pleasant hours to Sunday, May 14, with an iconic mother figure.

Leigh Anne Touhy, The Blind Side

Adapted from the book published in 2006 and based on a true story, The Blind Side appeared on the big screen 3 years after the book was published and won Sandra Bullock the Best Actress Oscar. The movie, about Leigh Anne Touhy, a mother of 3, raising her son by another black drug-addicted mother, taking her son under her own protection and caring for her football career, is a real flood of emotions, so to speak. The strength of the character and the success of the acting are also evident from the well-deserved Oscar award…

Mrs. GumpForrest Gump

Perhaps one of the most emotionally charged films in the history of cinema, Forrest Gump has quickly gained a cult status after it was screened on the big screen in 1994. Winning 6 Oscars, including Best Picture, at the 1995 Oscars ceremony, the film is engraved in our memory not only with its award-worthy success, but also with the strong personas of the characters. The mother figure, who turns her son’s ability to be a successful and strong child in the society as any other child, is brought to life by Sally Field.

Joy Newsome, Room

The film, which won an Oscar for Brie Larson, did not go down for a long time when it was screened on the big screen in 2015. The film, which tells the real life story of a mother and her son who was born trapped, proves in 1 hour 58 minutes what the strong bond between mother and child can be. Jacob Tremblay, who shares the lead role with Brie Larson, proves that it is possible to be so talented at a young age.

Elastigirl, The Incredibles

How does it sound when a character that comes to life with high technology and animation creates such a strong mother figure? Helen Parr, the mother character who manages a family equipped with more talented powers and challenges the evils in the world with her role as a superhero, is one of the favorite heroes not only of children but also of adults. Could a fun animation be the way to make Mother’s Day fun?

Molly Weasley, Harry Potter

Can we say that your best friend’s mother is your mother’s half? Molly Weasley, who comes to life in the lines of J. K. Rowling, is mother to her son Ron’s best friend, Harry, and perhaps to anyone who has come into contact with this family in some way. Weasley, who guides Harry Potter and his friends on the fine line between a magical world and an ordinary life, explains how important the maternal instinct is even in a fictional world.

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