Raúl Pagès Wins the Louis Vuitton Watch Prize

7 February 2024
Raúl Pagès Wins the Louis Vuitton Watch Prize

Watchmaker Raúl Pagès won the Louis Vuitton Watch Prize.

In November 2022, Louis Vuitton watch department announced the Louis Vuitton Watch Prize as an award that will support and encourage the talents of independent watchmaking. After a while, five finalists announced by the committee in December 2023: Simon Brette, Petermann Bédat, Raúl Pagès, John-Mikaël Flaux and Andreas Strehler. Announced on February 6 in Paris, the winner was Paúl Ragès.

Raúl Pagès, an independent watchmaker since 2012, received the award for his RP1- Régulateur à détente, a hand-wound watch with a stainless-steel case. For detailed information about the watch with a trigger escapement, for more about the mechanism please read “Mechanical Wonders and the Louis Vuitton Watch Prize” by Mehmet Çelik.

Raúl Pagès Wins The Louis Vuitton Watch Prize
Louis Vuitton Saat Ödülü

 Along with the prize, Pagès will receive 150,000 euros and La Fabrique du Temps will participate in a one-year mentoring program provided by Louis Vuitton, tailored to the needs of their project. The program, mentored by experts such as Michel Navas and Enrico Barbasini, is open to watch designers, entrepreneurs and watchmaking graduates.

Raúl Pagès was also presented with a mug hand-designed at the Louis Vuitton atelier in France, in a box commemorating the Louis Vuitton heritage.