Prince Charles’ Paintings on Display

Of course, it has been often said that there is always some exciting news about members of the Royal Family, including their relationships, succession to the British throne, travels, decisions and even diets. This time, the news about a painting collection of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

Hosted by Garrison Chapel, the exhibition of Prince Charles, who has met art lovers with his solo exhibition before, is his almost most comprehensive exhibition ever. The exhibition is organized by The Prince’s Foundation (founded by Prince Charles in 1986) and features 79 watercolors by Prince Charles.

Rosie Alderton, who is the curator of landscape paintings displaying from the hills of Scotland to Wales, says that we can easily see his joy of painting with his love of the outdoors and adds that the painting also helps us gain a different perspective than photography.

This free exhibition can be visited until February 14.

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