Pomellato’s “Responsible” Gems

Using “responsible gold” in its collections since 2018, Milanese jewelery brand Pomellato once again draws attention to environmental awareness on Earth Day 2022.

We often write about not only the jewelery of the Italian jewelery brand Pomellato, which combines traditional Italian lines with a modern point of view, but also about nature and environmental awareness. The Milanese brand designs their collections with environmentally friendly and sustainable materials extracted from various parts of the world. Pomellato, which has been producing all its jewelery with responsible gold since 2018, not only chooses sustainable materials in its collections, but also takes part in social responsibility projects that will be beneficial for nature and social life. On Earth Day 2022 (April 22, 2022), the brand once again reminds us of its commitment to the responsible use of gold and the importance it attaches to environmental awareness.

Two years ago, on Earth Day 2020, Pomellato introduced its Denim Lapis Lazuli capsule collection, all designed from environmentally friendly materials, to create environmental awareness. The collection emerged when Chilean student María Teresa Flores, who won the first prize in a sustainability competition held at the London College of Fashion in 2018, suggested the use of the precious resource lapis lazuli in her country. Adopting the idea, Pomellato found the source of this gemstone and mined it in South Africa using sustainable methods. Thus, this dark blue opaque stone gave the collection its name.

Another collection designed by the brand with sustainable sensitivity was the Kintsugi capsule collection announced in the spring of 2021. This time, Pomellato, which went to the Far East instead of the south, was inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi, bringing imperfect and broken gemstones to life with original designs. Rings, earrings and necklaces with minimalist touches are still a shining example of the reproduction of damaged stones that would normally be thrown away.

Nuvola, one of the iconic collections of the brand, consists of jewelery that we see the traces of sustainable sensitivity. Jewelry in the collection is designed entirely from responsible gold and with RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) certified diamonds.

Rings from the Catene collection, necklaces and bracelets from the Iconica collection are also some of the jewelery Pomellato designed from responsible gold.

And, of course, for all these collections, there are processes in which gemstones are mined, processed and designed. At the center of responsible gold use is protecting nature and making transactions while using mining sites without damaging or even renewing the nature. In the extraction of gold and other precious stones, attention is paid not to use environmentally harmful metals such as mercury and cyanide, but also to the rights of workers working in the mines.

Nowadays, when we realize the necessity of gender equality to build a sustainable future, Pomellato’s employment of women in various fields draws attention as much as its glittering jewels. On this occasion, we also remember this year’s slogan of Women’s Day: “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow!”

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