Norah Jones Announces Her New Album

18 March 2024
Norah Jones Announces Her New Album

American singer-songwriter Norah Jones released her ninth studio album “Visions” on March 8, International Women’s Day.

Norah Jones’ debut album, “Come Away With Me”, released in June 2002, brought surprising profits to the record company Blue Note. In the album, which wandered between blues, folk, country and 70’s soft rock music, Norah elegantly accompanied the three-piece orchestra with her shy voice and tinkling piano. The songs in this album were played in all cafes, private parties, nights, and even on the stereos of cars passing by quickly, let alone on radios and televisions. The album was the music industry’s biggest surprise that year, commercially, and thus the whole world got to know a brand new star named Norah Jones. However, our handful of local music listeners had the chance to meet Norah a little earlier. When İlhan Erşahin, who lives in New York, came to the concert in Çeşme Alaçatı on the eve of the release of his album “Come Away with Me”, he brought with him a young girl who spoke little, was shy and well-behaved, and accompanied him on stage with her voice. On his way back, he told those around him: “An album will be released soon, the whole world will know it!”

The world really got to know this American singer-songwriter, and 22 years later, Norah has now released her ninth studio album, “Visions,” on a meaningful day, March 8, Women’s Day.

Norah Jones Announces Her New Album

When her second work, “Feels Like Home” (2004), achieved similar success, her place in the music industry was secured. On her next three albums – “Not Too Late” (2006), “The Fall” (2009) and “Little Broken Hearts” (2012) – Norah boldly combined jazz, country, indie-pop, rock and more. Jones consolidated his mastery with each subsequent album. “Visions” is Norah’s first studio effort since “Pick Me Up Off the Floor.”

Norah said in a press release that she gave this album its name because most of the ideas she had in her head came in the middle of the night or in the moment just before sleep. The album was described by the Los Angeles Times as “a psychedelic garage soul record.” “Visions” is the most surprising of his albums to date, with its sultry vocals, fuzzy guitars, unbalanced drums and buzzing old-school keyboards.

Here Norah generously displays her lyricism, her outstanding talents on piano and guitar, and her skills as a soloist. Producer Leon Michels divided the songwriting duties for the album between two people: Pete Remm and Homer Steinweiss. This collaboration provided Norah with a wide range of music, from blues to soul. With “Visions,” the progressive jazz-pop blend she has featured since “Not Too Late” expands. This is Norah’s purest record yet; when she plays the piano or guitar, she usually has the producer’ drums with her. But we shouldn’t underestimate the contributions of old friends like trumpeter Dave Guy, bassist Jesse Murphy and drummer Brian Blade.

Norah Jones Announces Her New Album

While it’s not a radical remake, surprisingly Norah breaks some molds here. Instead of using the usual pop-jazz formulas, she prefers old-school styles with classical piano and guitar passages. The psychological effects of light psychedelic touches are very useful.

All the pieces are about people’s inner world and love life. Norah emphasizes tonal diversity and balance throughout the album; she is especially careful not to be hopeless. This album is like coming out of the dark tunnel (days of the epidemic) and enjoying the sunshine and freedom. Even though she sings gloomy songs from time to time, she never loses her ability to shed light on people. Maybe that’s why millions of people still love her with the warmth of the first day.

Norah Jones Announces Her New Album
Norah Jones

She is no longer the young girl who sang “Don’t Know Why” on the beach 22 years ago. Although Norah never matched the sales success of her debut album throughout her subsequent career, she certainly has the potential to win a tenth Grammy with this album. “Vision” is one of the most ideal albums of 2024 for refined ears with its consistent temperament.