Louis Vuitton Parfüm

New Notations of Louis Vuitton

Perhaps you remember, we had told about the candles, home fragrances and perfumes that launched by Loewe, a member of LVMH Group, last few weeks ago. As we have penned this news, what cross our mind is the excitement of luxury fashion retails to create cosmetics and modern chypre. Now, we are focus on Louis Vuitton, which takes this to another level of excitement and launches the most effective perfume that it has produced ever.

Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, master perfumer for Louis Vuitton, says that the finest materials are perfumes in their own right. The designer, who hugs this idea, while creating brand’s latest perfume Pur Oud, injecting oud, which such concentration that has never been used before into bottles.  So much so that scent is almost entirely made of oud and only a few extra notes are added in the formula for the last touches. This intense, lasting and charismatic scent is limited to only 2,000 bottles; its price is 1.200 €.

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If you ask about what makes a perfume is so luxurious, Belletrud has an answer for this: “In perfumery, the most beautiful ingredients are the ones where you can feel the human story.” And he adds oud to luxury segment because it can’t be obtained by any mechanical means.

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