Monica Armani Designs for B&B

Several furniture designs that have survived until today are still quite successful in keeping the effect of the first day alive. For instance, Barcelona Chair still creates the same excitement since the day it was launched, of course this is not a coincidence, it is a matter of perfect design.

When viewed from another perspective, various designs inspired by the past and adapted to the modern world carry the same element of excitement. As you know, the feeling nostalgic for the past in the recent years led to the reproduction of retro designs and heritage drawings. Of course, there are also brands that designing inspired by the iconic names of the past years… The furniture designed by Monica Armani for B&B is an example of this designs.

Italian designer Monica Armani’s table and chair designs so-called “Allure O” and “Flair O” takes its inspiration from the 1960s, Jackie O, that is, aka Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, as their name suggest. Inspired by Kennedy’s personal style, which marked the 60s, and her flamboyant and naïve attitude, Armani transfers the same humility to furniture designs.