Micro Scale Modernization of Art

The courage of the artists is worth to applauding who continue to preserve their tradionalist style in these days which  art is modernized, artists try to explain their individual thoughts, the artworks become popular that convey the individual troubles with metaphorical shapes and lines.

Abu Dhabi artist Julia Ibbini has opened her art studio which design paper objects in 2017. Ibbini thinks that art shouldn’t stuck patterns, that’s why she takes the Islamic architecture to another dimension in Ibbini Studio.

Vases formed by the combination of these age-old repetition shapes with mathematics, technology and craftmanship are true artworks.

Each figure is designed, shaped in a digital enviroment thanks to a special software, each piece which consisting of 300 pieces of papers goes through laser cutting and eventually, takes its final shape by craftmans’ hands.

Delicate and elegant designs await buyers with the miracle of mathematic and charm of tradition. You can purchase the products by visiting Ibbini Studio’s website and contact with artist.