Maximum Style, Minimum Carbon Footprint

Designing tops, skirts, and dresses with tea towels, Selina Sanders reaches maximum style with minimum carbon footprint.

The concept of recycling and sustainability is getting involved in fashion industry every passing day. Slow fashion is a reaction to fast fashion industry in which fast production and consumption is commonly seen. Thanks to slow fashion movement, the clothes come with both eco-friendly and personalized designs. California-based slow fashion designer Selina Sanders also designs clothes with reducing carbon footprint. She crafts tops, skirts, and dresses with tea towels.

Courtesy of Selina Sanders,
Slow fashion aims to create a fashion industry that benefits the planet and all humanity.

Selina Sanders worked in the fashion industry for 15 years. When she lost her job during the pandemic, she decided to establish a more sustainability-minded fashion brand bearing her name. That is, we have a lot to learn from Selina about turning a crisis into an opportunity.

Courtesy of Selina Sanders,

According to Vogue, Selina Sanders’ brand journey began somewhat accidentally. About one year ago, she across a random hashtag from influencer and YouTuber Beth Jones, #alwaysplaydressup. As Sanders perused the hashtag, she saw a bunch of creators not only amazing outfits, but also creating things for themselves to wear. Inspired, she made her first creation. She had a bunch of floral tea towels, and then she took one with a beautiful Bermuda flower on it and paired it with a vintage quilt from 90s. When Jones re-posted Sanders’ dress, she gained a fan.

Sanders’ each piece is unique and made to measure and cut at her home in California. She posts her ready-made pieces on every third Friday of the month. Moreover, if you desired, you have more personalized clothes by sending your second-hand fabrics to Selina.

The theme of the August is bread. When we remember that many people tried to make bread at home during the pandemic last year, Selina’s bread-theme designs is no stranger to us. Sanders’ previous designs feature many different patterns such as fruits, cute animal figures, vintage clocks, flowers, antique items so on. There are also several accessories.

Selina’s next design will drop on September 17. While waiting for this new design, you can visit to take a glance at the clothes until the third Friday of next month.