Luxury Monogram Under the Water

28 March 2021
Luxury Monogram Under the Water

Since its establishment, Louis Vuitton firstly has putting travel into its luxury segment and then small leather accessories; then it succeeds to maintain its position in the sector with pioneer pedestals. Of course, pioneer things are not limited to the trademark monogram of the brand; because design notion of Louis Vuitton indicates both ready-to-wear and architecture.

The brand has mentioned not only with its fashion designs, but also with architecture since Virgil Abloh became a part of family for a few years. The brand has currently mentioned with façade of its renewed boutique in Tokyo. The store, which reopened on Namiki Street in Ginza and known as one of the most popular shopping centers in the city, is designed by Japanese architect Jun Aoki. With Aoki’s renovative perspective, the store has an appearance that gives feelings of being under the water. Aoki brings the fascinating reflection of the water to the façade of the Louis Vuitton building, inspired by a Japanese painting which painted by Heihachiro Fukuda in 1932.

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Façade of store has an undulating water-like design; interior design is also completed with same interpretation thanks to fluid, modern furniture and architectural elements. At this stage, architect Peter Marino, who the brand has been working for many years, has some touches. Like the London store, which Peter Marino designed in London in 2019, seems that this store will also talked a lot. If you want to be also a part of this talk, take a deep breath and dive.

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