Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye Travel to Transsiberian and Cordoba

22 February 2022
Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye Travel to Transsiberian and Cordoba

Louis Vuitton published two new books, Transsiberian by Coco Capitán and Córdoba by Miles Aldridge, for its Fashion Eye series.

Actually, all of us know the relationship of Louis Vuitton with travel. For instance, the brand publishes the famous Louis Vuitton City Guide that features the world’s most beautiful cities captured by famous fashion photographers. Another series is Fashion Eyes in which a country, a region or a city is depicted by photographs of well-known photographers.

The first station is Transsiberain Railway…

Spanish photographer Coco Capitán takes us on a journey along the legendary Transsiberain Railway. Transsiberian by Coco Capitán features different sojourns and frames from Transsiberain Railway.

To Córdoba, further south

On the other hand, the British artist Miles Aldridge takes us on Córdoba, which is the city that housed the famous Cordoba Mosque that the Spaniards call it “Mezquita”. Naturally, the theme of these photos is religious art. Aldridge puts his usual, colorful and lively aesthetics aside in Córdoba and presents his readers with a series of photographs captured by pale and yellow tones.

With Louis Vuitton’s emphasis on editorial policy, paper quality, meticulous task of details, the book brings to life as work of an author, designer, and printing house above all. In addition to a wide range of photographs, information about the places is enriched with biographies, interviews and articles. So much so that life is journey, take along with you books with photographs as well as Louis Vuitton suitcases.

Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye Travel To Transsiberian And Cordoba