Just One Screen is Enough

Just One Screen is Enough

After the automotive market has started to shape its energy by electricity, we saw many innonative developments in new electric car models; and we also know that new ones will come. Indeed, the huge names of automotive market do not hesitate to mark their new milestones that they will switch to the production of fully electric cars while setting a course for.

Increasing its speed in the production of electric cars steadily, Mercedes does not limit its innovative developments only to the voltage of the electric current. It also modernizes the design principles of the concept that it offers. The new all-electric sedan model, which has recently introduced by the brand, tells how aesthetic concerns will evolve with technology. The new Electric EQS ​​model in which the entire front panel consists of a 56 inch-touch screen, enables to make any adjustment that you may need at this touch screen. Features such as map view and using as a screen are among the other features of the screen. If you don’t want the features that you do not use on the screen, you can transform the screen into a wood panel with a single touch.

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While the detail images which are shared by Mercedes make clear the evolution of electric current from sustainability to luxury, however it is still a mystery that how we will explore the new design with details in the coming days.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı eqsinterior02.jpg
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