Italian Stories from Bottega Veneta

26 December 2021
Italian Stories from Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta’s new campaign, “Bottega for Bottegas” brings together handmade products from smaller Italian artisans in order to display values of dedicated craftsmanship.

Coming from Latin “apotheca”, “bottega” means the studio or workshops in which artists work. The name of the famous Italian brand, Bottega Veneta sort of comes here. So far, a question may have arisen in the minds of readers about making such an etymological introduction to a fashion article. But there are words needed to tell the story of Bottega Veneta’s new project because the name of this campaign comes from “Bottega”. “Bottega for Bottegas” features 12 famous Italian artisans.

With the campaign, small Italian brands and artisans have the opportunity to show themselves around the world. Well, does the collection tell story of what brands? For instance, there are stories of the Amatruda family, who has been making paper for 750 years, or Alessandro Respighi and Daniele Accardo who designed bespoke drums.


Story goes that Krumiri Rossi biscuits were born in Domenico Rossi’s kitchen shortly after the Italian unification in Piemonte in 1871. And another story is that Rossi found these biscuits by mixing flour, sugar, oil, eggs and vanilla partly by chance one evening after he spent time with his friends. But what, there is something goes beyond a story that Bill Clinton was one of the famous fans of biscuits, and even he mentioned the biscuits as “great” in a letter.

Italian Stories From Bottega Veneta


When it comes to Italy, of course, another taste in the campaign is pasta. The Maretlli family did not industrialize between 1960 and 1970s and continued to protect in their own way. The two brothers Mario and Dino protect their artisan identity which dates back to 1926.

Italian Stories From Bottega Veneta


Have been producing with a century-old tradition, the Saponificio Varesino soap is another Italian story told in this project. Each soap bar produced in this atelier is made only with certified natural ingredients. Requiring minimum 20 days process, the soap bars also have the seal of excellence on all of its six edges.

Italian Stories From Bottega Veneta


This small atelier has been producing only chocolate since it was founded in Naples in the 1800s, and still uses the traditional methods and unique recipe for those years. Today, Gay-Odin is still one of the most delicious stops in Naples.

Italian Stories From Bottega Veneta


The Amatruda produces paper according to the old methods and its history goes back almost 750 years. Every sheet is individually produced, and has natural fringing on all sides. The brand also makes wedding cards, business cards and postal cards.

“Bottega for Bottegas” is available in Bottega Veneta stores and on web site.  The collection offers a bouquet from Italian gardens for those looking for gifts just before the New Year.