It is Time to Travel

It is Time to Travel

Since pandemic crisis has taken over our lives more than a year, we have lost our travel ability, so to speak. There’s no doubt that we have missed every thing about travelling. Preparations to discover the city we will travel, packing, adopting our daily routines to new cities with small travel kits…

The same nostalgia feelings will have taken over two different extremes that Melbourne-based Aesop and British designer Christopher Raeburn come together on a sustainable platform for Aesop’s travel size products. We should state that British designer Christopher Raeburn has made a name for himself as an expert in sustainability and with his raincoats made of recycled fabrics.

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Distinguishing from classical care bags, these bags without zipper that offer practical and easy use is made from sustainable materials as you might guess. These bags are designed in the ideal size of the travel-size products in Aesop’s product range. Travel kit has different color and pattern options and also offers a few products which have become Aesop’s fixtures. In addition to hand sanitizer, moisturising cream and serum also can’t wait for your new trips in your new travel kit.  

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