Healthy Foods That Will Be Your Savior in Times of Hunger

3 November 2023
Healthy Foods That Will Be Your Savior in Times of Hunger

10 healthy snack alternatives, from protein bars to chips, that are easily accessible, suitable for functional nutrition, and do not contain refined sugar or gluten.

The sunny weather called to me this weekend. I wanted to feel the sunlight on my face and store energy. After a delicious breakfast with lots of salad accompanying my omelet, I brewed my fragrant coffee, filled my thermos and hit the road. My goal was to find a shaded place and enjoy my coffee after a nice walk. I walked slowly, listening to myself, my own body. With the effect of walking and the sun, my whole body became warm, and my mood improved; before I knew it, I arrived at Maçka Park. I went to the section where the benches were, it was early, and I was able to find a shaded place since the park was not very crowded. But I had walked more than I thought, and I felt a slight hunger that coffee couldn’t cut. At that moment I got angry at myself because I didn’t bring anything to snack with. I drank my coffee, sat down for a while and said, “What should we eat in such situations?” Thinking of my clients who said, I realized that this issue is a problem for all of us, and I rushed to write healthy snack options that we can carry with us or buy from markets.

Here are 10 healthy snack alternatives, from protein bars to chips, that are easily accessible, suitable for functional nutrition, and do not contain refined sugar or gluten:

Züber Vegan Hi-Protein Bite with Peanut Butter

The date flavor is so dominant in packaged bars and bites that I always felt like I was eating dates. That’s why I never liked any of them. But one day, when I read on the package that it was gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan, I wanted to give Züber Vegan Lokma a chance. I’m glad I did because the peanut butter taste is so good that you don’t even taste the date. The best feature of protein bars is that they are low in carbohydrates. By eating a bar, you can consume carbohydrates, protein and fat, so your sugar does not rise rapidly and you feel full. Vegan Hi-Protein Biscuit is one of the guaranteed satiety alternatives that you can always carry with you.

Healthy Foods That Will Be Your Savior In Times Of Hunger

Fellas Mixed Nuts Bar

I must admit that the first reason why I love this bar of Fellas and what distinguishes it from others is that it tastes like a brownie. It has a very balanced sweetness, pieces of nuts, delicious cocoa and brownie consistency. When you have a sweet tooth, you can satisfy your cravings by eating a Fellas bar. Of course, it contains no additives, preservatives, gluten, refined sugar and is vegan. It can also be a dessert alternative for elimination. I can’t help but say that it goes very well with coffee. This would be the option I would take with me on my walk in the park. It would keep me full with the fat from the nuts and the carbohydrates from the dates and accompany my sun with the taste of brownie.

Healthy Foods That Will Be Your Savior In Times Of Hunger

Banana and Raw Nuts

There are bananas in every market and even in grocery stores now. If you are very hungry outside and do not have time to look for something, you can go directly to a market and buy a local banana and raw hazelnuts or almonds to suppress your hunger and have a small meal when you do not want to eat. The reason we eat nuts is to prevent the sugar from rising rapidly and to prolong the period of satiety. If you are at home and not out, slice a banana, dip it in cocoa and make a delicious snack with nuts. While you strengthen your immunity thanks to the antioxidant content of cocoa, you also regulate your intestinal health with the potassium of banana. I suggest you give the opportunity to the banana-nut combination, which is both practical and nutritious.

Fropie Chia Seed Kefir

The way to ensure satiety during main or snack meals is to consume protein. We wake up fuller after every meal we add a vegetable or animal protein to, and this satiety lasts longer. That’s why Fropie’s chia seed kefir is a snack alternative that you can consume practically, that does not threaten your health as it comes in a glass bottle, is additive-free and keeps you full for a long time. Kefir is one of the best prebiotics, thus strengthening your intestinal barrier and increasing your capacity to fight diseases. Chia also regulates intestinal functions and strengthens your bones thanks to its calcium content. If you want to protect and improve your intestinal health and satisfy your mild hunger, add kefir with chia to your shopping list.

Healthy Foods That Will Be Your Savior In Times Of Hunger

Mom’s Blueberry Granola Bites and Cookies

Oats, which are high in fiber, keep you full; It helps you protect your skin health with its selenium, zinc, copper and thiamine content. But there is always a prejudice against taste. There is a perception that it has no taste and will not give any pleasure. Mom’s Blueberry Granola Bites completely breaks this perception. Because you feel like you’re eating a crispy cookie. The sweet and sour taste of blueberries also increases your pleasure. You can enjoy the pleasure of crispy cookies while having a snack with both fat sources such as olive oil, almonds and walnuts, and gluten-free oats, a quality carbohydrate source.

Healthy Foods That Will Be Your Savior In Times Of Hunger

Munchey Seed Cracker

The most important feature of ketogenic nutrition and products is to ensure that you stay full for a long time without disturbing your blood sugar balance, as they are rich in fat. That’s exactly what Muchey Seed Cracker provides. It is one of the snacks that I would definitely recommend you to take with you, especially when you travel. Whenever you get hungry on the road or at your destination, a few crackers will satisfy your hunger and provide a pleasant eating experience with the flavor and crunch of the seeds. You don’t have to consume it as a snack. It goes well with or on top of your salad and increases its nutrition. It is useful to keep it in your bag for crunchy snacks and in your kitchen for salads.

Healthy Foods That Will Be Your Savior In Times Of Hunger

Buckwheat Puffs with Peanut Butter

If I think of taking something with me when I leave the house, or if I’m going to stay at home anyway and I feel hungry at least three hours after eating, I spread 1 teaspoon of peanut butter on a buckwheat puff. This snack, which can be easily carried in a small carrying case, will satisfy your hunger and have a delicious snack thanks to peanut butter, a source of quality and delicious fat. You will feel full for much longer with herbal tea.

Healthy Foods That Will Be Your Savior In Times Of Hunger

Rawsome Ketogenic Protein Bar

Peanuts, almonds, grated coconut, sunflower seeds, chia… How could a bad taste arise from all these delicious nuts and seeds? This protein bar, nutritionally enhanced with dietary fiber and inulin, is exactly what you want for a healthy snack. Rawsome Ketogenic Protein Bar is one of the snacks that will help you suppress your hunger while protecting your intestinal health and eating something delicious, without increasing your blood sugar or taking additives. Thanks to its ketogenic nature, I can guarantee that you will not feel hungry for a long time with the healthy oils of seeds and nuts.

Talia Roasted Chickpeas with Olives and Thyme

Another snack with high protein content. It tastes like spicy roasted chickpea. Due to the carbohydrate and protein content of chickpeas, it prolongs the feeling of satiety, and you can enjoy a snack accompanied by the smell of spring. You can also eat it on top of a salad as a main meal. Since it does not contain gluten, additives or preservatives, you can consume it without regret. You can throw it in your bag when you go out and enjoy it whenever you’re hungry or craving something salty and spicy.

Cey Natural Foods Kiki Quinoa Chips

Almost everyone has a favorite chip. It would be nice to eat crispy chips while watching a movie. But of course, it would be appropriate to say that the chips we know are enemies of health due to both their content and the fact that they are fried or baked in the oven with plenty of oil. When I crave chips, I eat with peace of mind the Kiki Quinoa Chips, which have pure ingredients and are cooked without frying or baking. I can say that it won me over with its spice content and crispness. It may seem difficult to carry with you due to the size of the bag, but they are so light that I can carry them even in a cloth bag and enjoy them while sitting outdoors or watching a movie.

Healthy Foods That Will Be Your Savior In Times Of Hunger
Healthy Foods That Will Be Your Savior In Times Of Hunger

Of course, the most important thing we should not forget is that if we are really hungry just an hour or two after eating, either we were not fully satisfied with the previous meal or we are experiencing emotional hunger. Then we can choose a full meal instead of a snack, or if we think there is emotional hunger, we can look for ways to distract ourselves from eating. When we think of eating something, we should pay attention to how long it has been since our last meal, whether we are really hungry, and then go for a snack.

If we are going to have a snack, we should choose options that will strengthen our health and nourish our cells, such as those above, instead of products that are harmful to our body. All of these products are always on hand because they do not contain additives, gluten or preservatives. Also, when I go to the market, I can always find one of them, and this makes eating healthy much easier. I can’t always make my own recipes, sometimes I don’t feel like going into the kitchen, so I try to cut corners. If I don’t have such snacks that I can eat in a balanced way without exaggerating, I will crave harmful alternatives such as chocolate and cookies. So be the first to prepare a box of these snack alternatives for yourself. Because eating healthy is as easy as knowing what to eat in times of hunger!