For Clean Seas with Oris

Oris, which has been collaborating with environmental organizations for years to protect the seas and oceans and to find solutions to environmental problems, met with TURMEPA in Sarıyer for a beach cleaning event last week.

Oris is one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to sustainability in the world of high watchmaking. The brand, which has been taking environmentalist steps and drawing attention to sustainability for years, started working with organizations acting with the mission of ocean protection to raise awareness a few years ago and gathered all these efforts under the title of “Change for the Better”. Stating that it will work for the sustainability goals of the United Nations and continue its development in the factory, energy consumption and supply chain, the brand announced its first sustainability report in the spring of 2022.

The first Oris Sustainability Report is actually the report of a three-year project aimed at reinforcing the “Change for the Better” motto, which has seen Oris become a climate-neutral company and begin to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. The report also explains how the brand aims to reduce carbon emissions by 10 percent each year for the next 3 years.

The paths of the brand, which wanted to reduce carbon emissions, crossed with ClimatePartner in 2019, and the first steps were taken to reduce carbon emissions. These steps were followed by the motto “Change for the Better” in 2021, and Oris was awarded a certificate confirming that it offsets more than 2,500 tons of carbon dioxide. Sven Mostögl, Oris’ Sustainability Ambassador, states in the Sustainability 2022 Report that all Oris distributors and customers around the world approach with the same sensitivity. The coastal cleaning event, which took place last weekend in cooperation with Oris and TURMEPA, is an indicator of this. Oris, which organized a coastal cleaning event in Kınalıada two years ago in cooperation with TURMEPA, once again undersigned a coastal cleaning event for cleaner seas this year.

We also participated in the coastal cleaning event organized in cooperation with Oris and TURMEPA on the 4th of June in Sarıyer, Kısırkaya Village Beach; at the end of the day, 57 kilograms of waste was collected, including paper, glass, plastic, metal, butts and non-recyclable plastic.

“TURMEPA is a civil society movement that was started on April 8, 1994, under the founding chairmanship of Rahmi Koç, with the Chamber of Shipping and a handful of marine enthusiasts. The ‘Declaration for the Protection of the Seas’, published by the association in 1995, received the support of organizations such as the UN Environment Program, IMO, UNEP, The Club of Rome, ICS and IUCN on international platforms, and today it covers more than 800 real and legal members.

One of the most interesting aspects of the report is the watches produced by the brand with sustainability sensitivity. The Oris Aquis Date Upcycle, whose dial is made of recycled plastic waste, has been one of the most interesting watches of recent times, its dial made from recycled PET waste is just as colorful. Producing watches from recycled materials is one of the steps Oris has implemented in order to minimize harm to the environment, such as carbon dioxide emissions. The dials of each of the watches produced in this series are designed in unique patterns. By using recycled materials in various steps from packaging to watches, Oris plans to reduce its carbon footprint by 10 percent each year in the next 3 years.

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