Ferragamo Presents It’s Movie O’Clock.

Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo, one of the world giants in the luxury sector, is preparing for the winter holiday with Holiday 2021.

The brand invites us to its winter holiday with O’clock Campaign, and, thus remind us that spending time together, enjoying at a dinner with friends and even sometimes watching a movie is the warmth of friendship.

Directed by Barbara Anastacio, the campaign movie proudly brings together six Italian talents. In addition to Pilar Fogliati, Tezeta Abraham, Hidlegard De Stefanı, Guglielma Poggi, Joesf Gjura and Carlo Palmeri, the film is also starring the brand’s two global ambassadors, Jelly Lin and SEULGI.

With the Holiday 2021, Ferragamo invites us to make the most of time, and notice sometimes a smile or small gesture, just like noticing the details of the subtle mystery in their designs.