Endless Travel of E-Type

25 March 2021
Endless Travel of E-Type

We are witnessing that some iconic designs never get old. Considering concept of design, works which still preserve their first day effect and do not lose their initial enthusiasm even if they renewed or updated; contrary, they become even more remarkable when they are modernized. Decoration, furniture, vintage clothes and also classic cars are leading modernization trend.

Establishing in the UK to focus on car renovation by Chedden Battick, Helm takes a very successful step to protect cult values that we have mentioned above and prove our idea with a new updated Jaguar E-type. Introducing an anniversary design in order to reveal the long history of E-type, which was introduced in March 1961, that is exactly 50 years ago, Helm modernizes the design with a craftsmanship that spending 3800 hours.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı helm_studio_078-1240x697.png

E-type, which includes Bluetooth sound system, an air conditioning and led lighting in its classical appearance, seems to will be a desirable piece for collectors. While Helm announced that they will make just 20 cars, they also underlines this design will be one of the most magnificent examples of British craftsmanship.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı helm_studio_077-1240x697.png