Dior Presents Its History in Japan

Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art began hosting Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition. Presenting Dior’s retrospective, the narrative by architect Shohei Shigematsu, curated by Florence Miller, blends Dior and Japanese culture.

Referring to Japan as a reflection of the parallel world of technology and tradition, the design of the exhibition weaves its heritage with textures in contemporary lines. The techniques, materials, and motifs used are such that the pattern between Japan and the Maison is felt.

The corridors are inspired by Japanese Tea Gardens, while the surrounding wooden structure is wrapped in backlit Tenjiku fabric and Awagami washi paper, creating a layered, glossy backdrop for the garments and artefacts. The three-dimensional landscape is embellished with various patterns and motifs to further activate the space, creating a true visual feast.

In “The Dior Legacy” section, the screens used to divide the space into sections are printed by Yuriko Takagi with larger-than-life photographs, creating an additional narrative environment that provides a visual understanding of the continuity from one creative director to the next.

The roof of the exhibition space hosts the Dior Ball, where the audience can watch the “mannequins” from above or below a bridge. An angled mirror at the top of the slope continues the geometry endlessly and unexpectedly reflects the clothes.

In the “Dior around the World” section, visitors step into a domed room composed of concentric layers of fabric surfaces, forming a scenographic hemisphere with animated projections. Each room takes visitors on a journey of discovery through Dior’s history and presents the multifaceted relationship between the Maison and Japan, blending the contemporary with the traditional.

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