Comfort in the Deep

17 March 2021
Comfort in the Deep

Would you choose the self-confidence brought by style or the peace and freedom of movement brought by comfort? What is your choices of shoes nowadays? It has been almost a year that we have met pandemic, we think comfort is now a necessity rather than a choice for us in today’s conditions. In a world where we meet our all needs on online; the elegance of leather shoes seems like to has to wait in shoeboxes at least for now.

It is time to meet with Strauss+Ramm which tells us a new story while we are getting used to this comfort. This new company, which founded in Miami, combines their quest for better utilization of coconuts in their backyard with shoe-making experiences of 25 years. Thus, they begin to produce shoes that are comfortable, fashionable, zero carbon footprint and have soles made of coconut pulp.

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Besides, these soles are designed to help you enjoy walking by taking shape according to body temperature and weight. You can have these shoes by visiting website and adding to your cart. If you like to consume coconuts, be ready to change your consumption habits from nutrition to the fashion industry.