Church’s Autumn-Winter 2021 Collection at Auction

18 March 2021
Church’s Autumn-Winter 2021 Collection at Auction

The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.”  Christian Louboutin

Church’s presents “The Auction”, a short film portraying the style and elegance of the new men’s collection for Autumn Winter 2021. The film is set in a British auction house, shoes of Church’s residing within is a wealth of precious objects for sale.

Church’s was established in 1873;  thanks to its timeless and luxury handmade shoes became a global brand in a short time. A Church’s shoe produces in 8-10 weeks at its historic factory Northampton.

Characterized by their defined structure yet lightweight tread soles, the Shannon T and new Glenfield laced moccasin both draw attention in the new collection.  Besides, Church’s iconic Chelsea boot, the Amberley has been updated with a more rounded toe and is showcased with a new contrasting lateral elastic colour.

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Of course, we cannot think a Church’s collection without English aesthetic. This British aesthetic can be found in the new military-inspired Gray boot and the brand’s reowned Ryder desert boot, which is presented in polished and binder leather. In addition to these shoes, new casual sneakers in lace-up and high-top styles with chunky rubber soles and the brand’s logo screen-printed on the counter of the sneakers complete the collection. The Church’s Autumn Winter 2021 men’s collection will be available in stores and on website from July 2021.