Changing the Course in Cosmetics: The Unstoppable Rise of Skincare

13 June 2022
Changing the Course in Cosmetics: The Unstoppable Rise of Skincare

Have you taken a look at the beauty trends recently? If your answer is yes, items such as gel skin, mirror skin, natural skin, vegan skin care have caught your attention. When the word “beauty” was once thought of only hair and make-up looks, skin care trends have become so popular that they make a list.

Now it is a usual situation that famous names launch beauty brands. Everyone wants a big slice of cosmetics’ hearty pie. However, recently, the compass needle has been shifting from color cosmetics to skin care. Entrepreneurial stars are turning to skin care rather than launching a make-up brand. Some of them are Jennifer Lopez, Pharrell Williams, Scarlett Johansson, Alicia Keys, who stopped wearing make-up a long time ago, and Kim Kardashian, who recently announced that she suspended her make-up brand KKW and appeared with the skin care brand SKKN.

Changing the Course in Cosmetics: The Unstoppable Rise of Skincare

According to cosmetics giant Coty, which owns or partners with many brands such as SKKN, Kylie Beauty, Max Factor, Rimmel, and Sally Hansen, this year will be the year of skin care. Judging by the numbers, this view is not wrong. The beauty and personal care market, which experienced an 8% decline in 2019 with the pandemic, has recovered and is ready to take off. While the global skin care market has a size of 128.2 billion dollars in 2020, this number is expected to reach 155 billion dollars in 2025. Considering the conditions and trends, it should be noted that this growth is not a surprise. Both cognitive and technical factors support this rise.

One of the most important reasons for skin care to come to the fore is, of course, the pandemic. Although the cosmetics industry is in decline with the pandemic, skin care emerges as the winner of this blow. We can say that in those days when we put make-up products on the shelf because of isolation, masks, personal care has become the new hobby of those who stay at home. Let’s admit that you thought you would make it a routine, at least you ordered a care mask online or bought a massage stone.

Changing the Course in Cosmetics: The Unstoppable Rise of Skincare

The decline of Instagram beauty, the trend of filtered makeup and artificial looks also benefits the care industry. In these days when the perfectionist understanding of beauty is shelved, imperfect but flawless looks come to the fore with the motto of yourself but better. Now we are not talking about how to contour, how to close the under-eyes, how to camouflage the pores, we are talking about how to shape the face with massage tools, which ingredients to choose for brighter under-eyes, and which products to use to better clean the pores. Nude, natural and self-like appearances are in the foreground. Therefore, the importance of having a higher quality canvas becomes evident once again, and consumers prefer to invest their budget in skin care routines, not makeup products.

The fact that skin care products that provide more effective and visible results with developing technology and formulas are on the shelves also support the growth of the care market. It should be noted that this category includes not only luxury care products, but also price-performance products. In other words, the personal care market is not an area based on high mark-ups like it used to be, but a sector that also gains from release. As a result, products with better results and effective formulas with affordable prices increase the purchasing potential of the consumer.

Changing the Course in Cosmetics: The Unstoppable Rise of Skincare

Speaking of effective care products, it should not be overlooked that effective care practices also support the industry. The demand for popular and good results such as PRP, Paris glow, mesotherapy is increasing day by day. With sessions performed several times a year, definite increases in skin quality are achieved. The professional skin care market is expected to reach $4.65 billion, an increase of 6% from 2020 to 2025.

We should not forget the new generation and their wishes. Gen Z, the new part of the consumer market, wants more inclusive products and cleaner and environmentally friendly ingredients. The natural, vegan and sustainable skin care market, which is very open to development, responds with great enthusiasm and is growing rapidly. With a market share of 6.4 billion dollars in 2021, natural skin care products are estimated to reach 12.27 billion dollars in 2030 with an increase of 7.7%.

Even if you are not interested in numbers, it is possible to witness the rise of skin care by looking at the shelves. Even make-up products want to better respond to users’ quests by meeting their care features. Double-character products such as serum concealers, foundation – care oil hybrids, colored lip care oils prove the change in direction in the cosmetic industry. This rise in the skincare market shows where beauty brands should take their course over the next few seasons. The care sector, which is calculated to grow by 10% in 2022, is not far away, it is expected to constitute 34% of the global beauty market in 2024.

We do not know how the world of color cosmetics, which started to recover after the pandemic, will respond to this aggressive growth, but the awareness of having quality skin and products that respond to demands ensure that the popularity of the care industry will continue.