Change Your Play Routine with Luxury Alternatives

Summer is always hot, and nowadays we are looking for a holiday or relaxation escape location. While planning the upcoming summer holiday, you can save space in your suitcase for play games of luxury fashion.

Designed by Celine as an homage to French culture, the Pekant set can host the most eclectic event of the summer months. Furthermore, if the brand’s trademark monogram takes over this pekant set, it is not only limited to a fun activity, but also raises your fashion perception.

Wooden blocks resembling Jenga, proudly bearing Christian Dior’s name, may become the new activity of the beach, while paddles bearing Louis Vuitton’s monogram may become your new companion. Playing cards from Hermes’ iconic orange box will have the same effect.

If you want to take your vacation fun to the next level with these games, we suggest you make Saint Laurent’s inflatable sea boat, which creates a strong contrast to the black and marble textured world, the anchor of your trip. Have fun in advance!

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