Cancellara Launches Tudor Pro Cycling Team

Swiss watch brand Tudor teamed up with world-famous cyclist Fabian Cancellara to launch a Swiss cycling team. The first race of the Tudor Pro Cycling Team is on May 15!

I have always loved to say, “Now we are going to deeper with Tudor!” when writing Tudor diving watches. It has always been interesting to explore the sea with the diving watches designed by the brand in collaboration with the French Navy and the functions of these watches. However, this time we are not going to explore the sea. Today, we talk about Tudor Pro Cycling.

Fabian Cancellara, who is the Federer of the cycling world, has achieved many Olympic and World Championships to date. Nowadays, 41-years old cyclist is now preparing to lead the Tudor Pro Cycling Team. The team aims to reach the top with Tudor’s motto “Born to Dare”. The first journey of the team will begin on May 15 with pedalling for the Pairs-Roubaix U23 race. Tudor Pro Cycling Team continue to ride in the UCI Continental the rest of the season.

In an interview Cancellara says that Switzerland needs to have a cycling team. It is a big big day for me when pedalling with my team, he adds.  The Tudor Pro Cycling Team will also maintain a development program to monitor and train the next generation of young cyclists.

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