An Interview with Shawn Stockman…

6 July 2021
An Interview with Shawn Stockman…

Shawn Stockman is an American singer and a member of vocal group Boyz II Men, also known for his foundation Micah’s Voice. SevenFriday introduced a watch in collaboration with Micah’s Voice, which founded by Shawn Stockman and Sharonda Stockman to provide financial support families affected by autism. As Saatolog editors, we asked to Stockman about his relationship with the timepieces and time. Just like the dial of this new watch, Stockman’s words throughout the interview will put a smile on your face.

Could you please tell us about your foundation “MICAH’S VOCIE”?

Micah’s Voice founded approximately 10 years ago by my wife Sharonda Jones to provide services for children and families affected by autism. It takes its names from my 18-year-old son Micah, who is diagnosed with autism. To make a long story short, our journey was finding the best solution for our son. Then, we have discovered that there are too many services in USA that help families with children in this condition. However, these services are extremely expensive. We found many families who could not afford it and we wanted to help those families. Also, we wanted to make something those families who had those children and had no idea what to do with them. So far, we helped quite families, but still so many more families that need help. So, that is why we exist.

I buy watches because they connect with me.

You are in collaboration with Seven Friday for Micah’s Voice. What do you think about SevenFriday?

I wore SevenFriday watches because they are vibrant, fun, different from norms and they caught your eyes. As a watch collector, I love watches since I was very young, I have learnt about what makes them special and a lot of times it is not obvious to understand it. A lot of people tent to grab watches because of title names, but do not know anything about watches.  Whereas I buy watches because they connect with me. I don’t care how much they cost, if they are super expensive or super cheap. It does not matter for me. SevenFriday is a brand that can show me that you can still have quality timepieces. That’s why, I love most of them.

Neyle baş ettiğiniz ya da ne tecrübe ettiğiniz fark etmeksizin, eğer yolun sonunda gülümseyebiliyorsanız buna değmiş oluyor. Hayat bundan ibaret.

The dial features a motto “little bit louder now” and has a little smile. What does this motto mean in your life ?

The smile logo is creating again my wife and me. It just to represent what the goal is. No matter what you go through, if you smile at the end of it, it’s all worth. That is what life should be about. When people see this dial, they remember that every trial there is a smile.

When I saw the watch, it put a smile on my face too…

That is the whole idea. There are very serious and business type watches. However, we want to create a watch that make us feel good. When people look at this timepiece, they actually help someone. This watch has a purpose, outside telling the time. You are looking down the watch, you smile and knowing that it might create a smile on a person you have never met before.

Do you have a watch collection?

I have about 20 Seven Fridays watches, they all are range in different colors and styles. They are not too big or small. They fit my wrist perfectly. As I said before, they make statement. They do not look like anything a person who love watches might have seen before. It is something cool about watch collecting. The idea is to have something that no one else has.

How is your relationship with time?

Sometimes time does not work in my favor, sometimes does not allow me to exactly what I want to do. That is a deep question… I guess, we all really appreciate tomorrow and be aware of how much time you have in your hands. So, time is a priceless element that you should enjoy while you have. We are here in to do something for someone outside us, to smile someone. Past year, I think I lost more people in my live than ever I have. And past couple years, even more… I understood that anything can be happen in life. It allows to me understand that time does not promise to us. So, while have the time, strive it.

I know this is like asking you to pick a favorite child, but can you choose your favorite song for Saatolog readers?

Lately, I have been listening to Clapton’s songs. Besides his songs, Clapton has also fantastic album covers. I am a Blues guy, I love Blues. I put it on any part of day, and I do not just listen, I play guitar too. “Blues” and a nice glass of scotch for a perfect night…

T1/02 Micah’s Voice

T1/02 Micah’s Voice is a limited edition of 100 pieces, with proceeds go to provide resources families affected by autism. The semi-transparent dial features a white print relief motto which reads “little bit louder now”. The whole underlined with a smile-like curve, just to remind you that thanks to your generosity, you will bring a welcome smile to someone. The watch has a power reserve of 40 hours. The black leather strap is enlivened with yellow stitching towards the case.

An Interview with Shawn Stockman...
Seven Friday T1/02 Micah’s Voice