A Nostalgic Summer in Capri

Getting ready to make a glorious return to the season, the Island of Capri awaits those who want to spend their summer holidays in Europe with its old and new hotels.

Capri Island, where the Roman emperors once vacationed, Maxim Gorky wrote his most beautiful novels, Jackie O gave magnificent invitations, and Sophia Lauren and Brigitte Bardot were often caught by the paparazzi in their sexy bikinis, has been on the world jet set of Italy for many years. Capri, which lost its popularity due to the interest of European society to distant islands before the pandemic, is trying to regain its reputation with holidaymakers who do not want to go far from home after the pandemic. You can find the opportunity to relax away from the crowds by choosing the right hotel in Capri, which hosts millions of local tourists who want to take a daily vacation during the summer period.

JK Place Capri

Adorned with works of art and antiques, JK Place Capri can easily be said to be one of the most stylish hotels on the island. The relaxing effect of deep sea blue and white, which dominates the decoration, attracts you from the reception area. The 22 guest rooms with terraces with magnificent views overlooking the Gulf of Naples and the swimming pool, which will stand out from its competitors, are the signs of a boutique and privileged service. Being by the sea and being far away from the crowds of tourists is the biggest privilege that JK Place Capri offers to its guests.

Hotel La Palma Capri

Capri’s first hotel, built in 1822, is getting ready to open its doors after an extensive renovation this winter. The brand new La Palma Capri will consist of just 50 rooms and suites. Located just a few steps from the famous Piazzetta Square, the hotel has been transformed into a modern island resort with its rooftop restaurant and bar, beach club, newly built pool deck, spa and stylish boutiques. The frescoed walls and traditional tiled floors, which were carefully preserved during the renovation of some rooms, will greatly satisfy those who want to experience a nostalgic holiday in Capri.

Capri Tiberio Palace

Capri Tiberio Palace is another old and prestigious hotel on the island. With its contemporary retro-inspired design and five-star service approach, Capri Tiberio Palace allows you to have a pleasant Capri holiday, and you can encounter many details that reflect the essence of the island. The magnificent library, curated by the world-famous publishing house Taschen, is one of the most important features that distinguishes the hotel from its competitors. Terrazza Tiberio Restaurant with a sea view makes a name for itself with its menu that brings together the best tastes of Italy.

Capri Palace Jumeirah

For the world-famous Capri Palace Jumeirah, located in the center of Anacapri, we can interpret it as a luxury sanctuary in the middle of the crowd. The acclaimed swimming pool with its magnificent location, its award-winning spa and the two Michelin-starred L’Olivo Restaurant are the most important trump cards of this legendary hotel. The hotel, which has 68 rooms, 19 of which are suites, is dominated by blue and white colors, keeping true to the essence of the island. Capri Palace Jumeirah, which operates Il Riccio Beach Club, located in one of the most beautiful spots of the island, manages to compensate for its distance from the seaside in this way.

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