A New Platform for Luxury Fashion Brands

15 February 2024
A New Platform for Luxury Fashion Brands

Luxury fashion brands take over the beaches.

Even though it is still wintertime, we have begun to think about sunny summer days. There are only few months to jump from hot sands to cool waters. So much so that, we already think about a dream holiday for this summer. And this time, we have such an alternative for summer vacation, which is beaches that collaborating with luxury fashion brands.

A New Platform For Luxury Fashion Brands
Moda Markaları

In 2021, Burberry collaborated with different beaches in Bangkok, Busan, Dubai, Miami, Mykonos and Xiamen, and the Maison carried its iconic pattern on lounge chairs. Well, why these brands attach importance to this marketing strategy in beaches?

Last year, Gucci’s collaboration with the Loulou Ramatuelle Beach Club in Saint-Tropez, a favorite summer destination for luxury consumers, was a big hit. The popularity of the beach, combined with Gucci’s iconic logo and pattern, and the reach of social media and sharing, resulted in a highly interactive outcome. Other collaborations followed, turning summer’s favorite beaches into pop-up store addresses and catwalks for luxury fashion brands. Jacquemus and Dior were present at two exclusive beaches in Saint Tropez, Fendi in Marbella, Spain, Louis Vuitton at Huangcuo Beach in Xiamen Island, China, and Missoni in the Maldives. Brands such as Loro Piana, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry also set up their corners on the beach simultaneously. Indeed, not only luxury fashion brands but also luxury department stores followed this trend. Farfetch’s flag flying in Bodrum signified the store’s beach destination.

So much so that, luxury fashion market is turning beaches into the new playground. The viral potential of social media is the kiss of death. While visibility and awareness are important marketing weapons, there is also a commercial dimension. According to a study conducted by luxury communications strategist Aymeric Mantoux, the cost of stepping through the door to spend a day at a private beach in Saint Tropez, one of the most preferred stops for brands, is around 250 Euros on average. Assuming that there are 200 sun loungers on average in a quality beach, 50,000 Euros is the amount paid just for the entrance fee. Each person who enters spends an average of 1,500 Euros a day at the beach. Consumers who enjoy their vacation are very pleased to include the luxury fashion brand, which has come to the end of the sun lounger, in this experience. Brands are also very satisfied with meeting consumers at every moment of their lives, being a part of the experience and reaching the network of social media influencers with high followers.