A New Museum Dedicated to Edward Munch

Have you ever thought about what is the largest museum dedicated to an artist in the world? The answer could be the 13-storey Munch Museum that covering 26,000 square meters in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Previously, the museum building started with the support of City of Oslo and even a competition held in the same year. However, in 2011 it was decided to support no longer the project due to municipality’s economic concerns. In 2015, the construction started again, and it cost $260 million, to build.

Designed by the Spanish architectural firm Estudio Herreros, the museum features nearly 26,700 works by Edward Munch from 1873-1944. The museum collection amounted to paintings, photographs, prints and sketches.

The museum has an efficient stance with its architecture as well as its collection. Besides, it is a good reason to visit a Scandinavian country…