A Louis Vuitton Collection in Bangkok

3 June 2022
A Louis Vuitton Collection in Bangkok

Louis Vuitton 2022 Fall-Winter Men’s Collection introduced in Bangkok with 9 unseen Virgil Abloh design.

The second of Louis Vuitton’s new season collection has introduced with a fashion show in Bangkok. A few of the previously unseen designs of Virgil Abloh, whose memory has been kept alive in Louis Vuitton collections since he passed away, are included in the Maison’s new collection. Detailed with circular motifs, the collection includes 9 pieces by Abloh.

The fashion show was opened with a short film that tells the story of an 11-year-old boy who lives in rural Thailand. The main message of the short film was to explain that young people struggle with same problems wherever they are in the world. Just as Abloh said, “Whether we go to Cuba or India, we see that young people are programmed to think and dress in certain things.”

The collection features 74 combination that designed from suits to sporty elegance. Although purple is the prominent color of the collection, which is displayed on a stage designed with the décor of an upside-down suburban house, black suits are also among the pieces that stand out.